My achievements, credentials, and milestones within music.

* I own one of the biggest archives of information, which has remained mostly private, until now.
* I own and run websites including 'The Nameless Project', Anders Colsefni and Dawn Of Destruction official fansites.
* I own and run Facebook pages such as 'The Eye In Iowa', Paul Gray and Joey Jordison fan pages.
* I own a YouTube channel with rare and extremely rare content.
* I have successfully contacted multiple key figures within the Des Moines/Iowan music scene.
* I messaged Corey Taylor via MySpace, got a message back.
* I messaged Anders Colsefni via MySpace, got message back. We continue to stay in touch to this day via e-mail and Facebook.
* I was requested by Anders to make my fansite his official website. Later it became his official fansite.
* I received phone call from Anders at my house.
* I messaged Patrick Neuwirth, got a message back, did interviews with him.
* I have contacted, and got replies back from, other ex-Slipknot members Donnie Steele, Greg Welts, and Josh Brainard.
* I have a roster of current active bands that I promote through my 'net label'.
* I have promoted, contributed and/or donated to various Iowan film and music projects.
* I have contributed to 'The Have Nots' official site and 'The Underground Archives' site.
* I have been thanked and acknowledged by Iowan musicians/scene people over my efforts.
* I have done remasters of audio, both for private use and for musicians.
* I have done a remaster and clean-up of The Have Nots demo.
* I own a huge collection of original downloaded audio/video/etc.
* I did a picture for Painface that was uploaded to their Facebook page.
* I did a picture for Vice Grip Throttle that was the main image on their official website for a while.
* I have been given digital music by band members that others would have had to pay for.
* I have been given previously unreleased tracks, unmastered tracks, demos and rough mixes of songs by band members.
* I've seen Murderdolls live, where I was no more than about 20-30 feet away from Joey Jordison.
* I've had a band's set dedicated to me from Iowa.
* I've been offered places to stay in Iowa.
* I've got my own music festival just waiting for me to go to Iowa.
* My 'The Nameless Project' site credited as source on 'The Underground Archives' website.
* I received phone call from a band's manager.
* I've received gift packages from bands in Iowa.
* One band sent me a birthday greeting video on Facebook (for my 32nd birthday).
* I'm credited in Murder Earth's CD booklet.

* My 'The Nameless Project' site credited in the Paul Gray book (unconfirmed as of right now).
* My 'The Eye In Iowa' Facebook page credited in 'The Dying Of The Light' project credits (unconfirmed as of right now).