About The Author

My name is Gary Wright. I am currently 31-years-old as of March 2015 and am from the East of England, UK. I have been a Slipknot fan ever since they first hit the UK shores, around July 1999. When the first side-projects came out around 2002, this was really one of the first stepping stones to my interest in bands involving members of Slipknot but not totally dominated by them. In turn, this led to me looking at bands of the other side-project members, leading me back to Des Moines itself. From there, it was immediately obvious that just about everything and everyone were somehow connected, so I then started looking at other bands to the point where I was discovering bands that actually had no connection to Slipknot at all.

Over the years, I got in touch with various people in bands from Des Moines, made contacts and established myself in the 'local' scene but in a relatively embryonic way. Now I'm back, having been out of the scene for a while due to one thing or another, now having more skills under my belt and a fresh perspective and drive.