This website contains original, self-researched information as well as content simply copied from other peoples' websites. Every effort has been made to credit and acknowledge those responsible for helping me out... whether it be first-hand or third-party.

This whole project has been a great excuse to get in touch with bands and band members, as I have produced something to point people to, in order to back-up my interest and requirement for information.

I would like to thank the following people for their time, kindness and support... both over the years and just recently... in helping me on my 'umbral quest' for knowledge...

Musicians: Aaron Lea, Aaron Peltz, Adam Haug, Alex Gull, Alexander Oden, Andrew Rouw, Andrew Smeltzer, Andy Koettel, Andy Meyer, Antonio Alaniz, Ben Christopher, Ben Monroe, Ben Murphy, Ben Whiteley, Bob Tyler, Bradley Millis, Bruce Swink, Butchie Spektor, Casey Doser, Casey Gray, Celestino Ramirez, Chris Hick, Cory Tarr, Craig Lankford, Dan Hemann, Dan Spain, David Horken, David Wilkins, Denny Harvey, Dent Oldani, Derrek Sammons, Devin Houser, D.J. Case, Donnie Steele, Dustin Creagan, Dustin Wright, Edward Henry IV, Elick Verdulla, Eric Davidson, Eric Ritter, Erich Tran, Erik Long, Ethan Hazelwood, Fred Missouri, Gabe Gonzalez, Griffin Landa, Harlan Dunaway, Harold Waits, Izzy C. Lee, Jacob Berhow, Jacob Gregory, Jake Schreck, Jas Spargur, Jason Boten, Jason Handy, Jen Allen, Jim Corigliano, Joe Youngbear, Joey Vice, Joseph Scheffler, Josh Adamson, Josh Dalton, Josh Hemann, Justin Hartzer, Justin Runge, Kelly Krantz, Kelly Moriarity, Kris Anderson, Lee Goll, Lucas Brighton, Matt Sepanic, Michael Ramsey, Michael Stayner, Mike Condon, Mike Farrell, Mike Wohlhutter, Miles McClintock, Mythias Keahna, Naiad Moonchild Violet, Nathan Anderson, Neal Schiesske, Nicholas Wentland, Nick Bielser, Nick Medina, Paul Doty, Paul Thompson, Rich Cantrell, Rick Stuber, Robbie Gist, Robert Sanda, Ron Letts, Ryan Berrier, Ryan McMurray, Sam Bean, Sarah Haupt, Shane T. Walker, Steve Pundzak, Steven Dunaway, Tim Cory, Tim Flor, Tim Sigler, Tim Sirianni Jr., Torey Denson, Tyler Gathercoal, Wade Thompson, any anyone I've forgotten to mention.

Other: Angela Grace (Cool Chick Radio co-host), Finnur Kristjansson (Webmaster/Designer/Administrator at MFKR1.COM), Greg Waldrop (Dangerous Music Inc.), Ivan Contreras (Slipknot/-related bands fan from Argentina), John Nordahl (Midwest metal promoter/videographer), Michael J Rose (Videographer at Slayermike Videos), Robert Dopf (Film Writer/Director), Shannon Lynn (Des Moines resident), Trevor Bosar (Creator of FreeNet Records), and everyone else that I've had some dealings with, however limited.

Special thanks go out to:
David 'DaVo' Wilkins; for hosting my website, being a confidant.
Greg Waldrop; for support and words of encouragement.
Jim Corigliano; for his detailed band history file.
Trevor Bosar; creator of 'FreeNet Records'.

Websites used for info include: 515 Crew, Bandcamp, BandMINE, BandSpace, Blabbermouth, CD Baby, Discogs, Facebook, FreeNet Records, GarageBand (before Apple took it over and deleted all the band content), Google Play, Internet Archive, iTunes, Last.fm, MFKR1, MFKRboard, MySpace (before it went all mainstream and deleted all the band content), ReverbNation, SoundClick, SoundCloud, Spirit Of Metal, Stars4Iowa.com, Surgery.tk, The Metal Archives, The Underground Archives, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Plus a bunch of Slipknot fansites over the years.