By Gary Wright

Favorite Vocalists

Some of my favorite vocalists from Des Moines, and Iowa in general...

Aaron Peltz (Deadfront, downthesun, etc.)
Alexis Bassett (Smakdab)
Anders Colsefni (Painface, Slipknot, etc.)
Angela Reeves (Slopsycle)
Ben Murphy (Hangover, Murder Earth)
Brandon Darner (To My Surprise)
Cameron Stevens (Through The Darkness)
Carl Burton (PygWalk, World Under)
Cody Johnson (Shadow Of Indra)
Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour, etc.)
Dustin Schultz (Dividing The Masses)
Eric Davidson (Dead Horse Trauma)
Eugene Waage (Mars On Fire)
Jim Corigliano (Heroic Dose, Odium, etc.)
Joe Day (Apathy Syndrome)
Joe Scheffler (Born On Leap Year, Domeshot, etc.)
Joni Gooden Steele (Mindsplice, Retrograde, etc.)
Ken Payne (The Curse Of Hail)
Kevin Drew (Marcato)
Matt Nyberg (Dawn Of Destruction, Facecage, etc.)
Rick Funderburk (Killpact)
Robert Land (Nothing)
Sol Bales (Green Death, ONLY, etc.)
Steven Dunaway (Slyde)
Tone Stevens (Common Diseases Of Swine, downthesun, etc.)

Plus honorable mentions go to David DaVo Wilkins (Lords Of Filth, The Have Nots) and Ryan McMurray (The Drastics, The Rejects, etc.)


Favorite Drummers

Some of my favorite drummers from Des Moines, and Iowa in general...

Adam Baszczynski (The Curse Of Hail)
Celestino 'Sal' Ramirez (Reload, Slyde)
Chad Valasek (Painface, PygWalk)
D.J. Case (Common Diseases Of Swine, Digga DJ)
Ernie McGinn R.I.P. (Body Pit, Killpact)
James Laxton (Amass The Grave)
Jared Albertson (Mars On Fire, Murder Earth)
Jason Handy (Dead Horse Trauma)
Joe Hinton (Shadow Of Indra)
Joel Ekman (Isaac James, Stone Sour)
Jordan Spence (Index Case, Marcato)
Kyle Flickinger (Dividing The Masses)
Matt Doser (All That Crawls, Vice Grip Throttle)
Michael Sinner Ramsey (Dawn Of Destruction, Painface)
Miles McClintock (Signs Of Life, Submerged)
Nick Svoboda (On A Pale Horse)
Paul Thompson (Alister Hag, Tyler Thompson Band)
Ryan Berrier (Green Death)
Shawn Crahan (Dirty Little Rabbits, To My Surprise)
Steve Merritt (Kronos Resistor)
Troy Perez (Hours Of Decay)
Tyler Gathercoal (Through The Darkness)
Zach Jones (Apathy Syndrome)

Plus of course, two of my absolute favorites Joey Jordison (Scar The Martyr, Slipknot) and Dan Spain (Deadfront, downthesun).