By Gary Wright

The 'Slipknot' name (kind of history)...
* 1944. The song 'Slip Knot ("Hang Knot")' by Woody Guthrie in 1944.
* 1975. The song 'Slipknot!' by the band Grateful Dead on their 'Blues For Allah' album in 1975.
* 1978. The improvisational rock and roll/jam band called 'Slipknot' from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, formed in 1978.
* 1980. The crossover/thrash band called 'Slipknot' from New Haven, Connecticut, USA, formed in 1980.
* 1989. The crossover/thrash band 'Slipknot' released their self-titled EP, 'Slipknot' in 1989.
* 1992. The song 'Slipknot' by the funk/punk/rock band Pull My Finger (later Slipknot) from Des Moines, Iowa, USA, during the Basement Sessions in 1992.
* 1995. The now metal/funk/disco fusion band The Pale Ones (previously Pull My Finger) changed their name to Slipknot.
* 1996. The song 'Slipknot' by the band Slipknot on their 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.' album in 1996.
* 1999. The now nu-metal/thrash metal band Slipknot (previously The Pale Ones) released their self-titled debut album for Roadrunner Records, 'Slipknot' in 1999.

Interesting points and crossovers...
* The rock 'n' roll/jam band Slipknot did covers of the rock band Grateful Dead, who had previously had a song called 'Slipknot' on their 1975 album 'Blues For Allah'.
* The rock 'n' roll/jam band Slipknot ironically changed their name to 'The Knot', after Slipknot from Iowa 'stole' it from them. It's ironic because the term 'The Knot' became an affectionate/casual name for Slipknot from Iowa.
* The rock 'n' roll/jam band Slipknot sometimes had two main drum kits onstage, being played simultaneously by two separate drummers. This has obvious similarities with Slipknot from Iowa, who have two custom percussionists who may also be playing together at any one time.
* The crossover/thrash band Slipknot had a song called 'No. 9' on their one and only release, the self-titled EP. As any fan of Slipknot from Iowa knows, this band has 9 members and is synonymous with the number '9' (nine).
* The crossover/thrash band Slipknot had an unreleased song called 'Some Friend', which has since been confused with Slipknot from Iowa's song 'Some Feel'.

Other uses...
* Slip knot, a class of knot made in such a way as to slide.
* Slipknot (comics), a fictional supervillain.
* SlipKnot (web browser), an early web browser.