By Gary Wright

Here is a list of the commonalities between Slipknot and Mushroomhead...

* Both from Midwestern states of America.
* Both formed in the 1990s.
* Both have had 9 members in their line-ups.
* Both have as many ex-members as they do current ones.
* Both have had 'extra' members onstage (MRH - dancers, SK - friends and roadies in masks).
* Both wear masks.
* Both wear costumes.
* Both have members that use pseudonyms.
* Both have two extra percussionists.
* Both have a DJ and keyboardist.
* Both bands' bassists wore types of pig masks (Pig Benis and Paul Gray).
* Both bands during their early years have had members that have worn gas masks and bondage masks.
* Both have had a member die, and both in the same year (2010).
* Both bands released albums with titles in dedication to their respective dead members, and both in the same year (2014) [***]
* Both are considered, amongst other things, alternative metal.
* Both bands could be considered supergroups.
* Both have members in staple side-projects.
* Both are renowned for their theatrical stage shows.
* Both have had their own record labels/imprints.

[***] - Slipknot released '.5: The Gray Chapter' (October 2014) in memory of Paul Gray and Mushroomhead released 'The Righteous & The Butterfly' (May 2014) in memory of John 'JJ Righteous' Sekula.