By Gary Wright

Tim Sirianni Jr. (Absolute Power) had his 40th birthday party at "Timmy's 40th B-Day Bash", on 26th June 2015 at the Boggs' Hull Avenue Tavern in Hull Ave, Des Moines, Iowa.

[Timmy's 40th B-Day Bash flyer.]

During the events of the evening Casey Gray (Absolute Power) took it upon himself to dedicate Absolute Power's set to me! He got some guys together and staged this photo (below) especially for me!

[Left to right: Mike Ramsey, Josh Dalton, Casey Gray and Tim Sirianni Jr.]

Casey Gray in his post to my Facebook page: "Absolute power dedicating this show tonight to our brother in England Gary Wright an awesome dude people like u are the reason we are driven"

Tim Sirianni Jr. to me: "... you deserve to have a set dedicated to you thanks for all of the support that you have for bands here in Des Moines Iowa"