By Gary Wright

David 'DaVo' Wilkins, 46, is the vocalist of Des Moines' punk band The Have Nots. The band are set to perform a resurrection on April 8 2016, at Lefty's Live Music, 2307 University Ave, Des Moines.

Q: For those that aren't familiar with The Have Nots, how would you describe the band?

The Have Nots are a punk band that's sound has roots in the Southern California Punk scene of the 70s and 80s. Influences would include X, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Circle Jerks, The Vandals and Angry Samoans.

Q: When was the last time you played live, and what was your experience like back then?

Our last show was October of 1997. We opened for Blank 77 and the Quincy Punx. The scene was really strong then. That period was really special because there were so many national acts that were coming to Des Moines. Also Slipknot was on the verge of breaking. There was a lot of local bands popping up and a lot of diversity in the scene. Paul's time was being taken up a lot with Slipknot and we just weren't writing anything new. Also we were talking about starting a new band that never happened. For years Paul [Gray] wanted to get the band going but then he would get an offer for something else. When the band broke up he and Joey [Jordison] both said time and time again that I could use whatever I wanted if I wanted to continue. I just couldn't really imagine it without Paul. I would always have people telling me that I should do it or at least another band. I had this week where I had like 10 people say that I should do it. I ran into Rob Ogg and he mentioned The Have Nots, Matt Mutt had also mentioned being involved and my son Quinn said I should do it. So, in a way I was kind of pushed in a direction that I wanted to go. I was already doing the retro showcases and having issues getting some of the older bands back together. So, I felt the time was right.

Q: Clearly the classic line-up for the band cannot physically be together again, has it been hard to find stand-in members?

As far as members, I've known Rob [Ogg] for years and he's a great fit. Trevor [Powell] was in fact in one of the early versions of The Have Nots back in 1993 or so. My son Quinn is in fact a good bassist and Matt [Mutt] seems up to it and Paul stated a number of times that he liked Matt's drumming. I really didn't think it would ever happen to be honest. Paul's gone, haven't talked to Joey or Little John [Aagard] in years. Brian's [DuBay] MS has affected his feeling in his left arm. Greg [Welts] is busy with his other band. So, I knew it would be just me. It's why I call it a resurrection and not a reunion. The Have Nots were something that I came up with, I wrote all the lyrics and in a lot of ways it has always been my band. I'm sure if I would have kept it going each of the members would have been replaced at some point regardless. After trying to learn a few songs, we decided to go with long time veteran of the Des Moines punk and metal scene Darren Stout on drums and Jordan [Josephson] on second guitar. Trevor backed out and Jordan came in to save the day.

Q: How did your '35 Years of Live Music in Des Moines' project come about?

I was finishing up the re-build of the archives site and was reminded of a lot of the great music that Des Moines has produced. It got me thinking that something should be done to celebrate that. I did The Hollowmen one which I never thought in my wildest dreams would happen. The Synth Pop one is coming up on Oct 24th [2015] and then the plan is to do one for the punk rock in November [2015]. In a way I set myself up to have problems because I set the structure of having a band from the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. The hardest part is getting those old bands back together. The punk one may end up being The Have Nots headlining or a retrospect set of a bunch of people from the 1980s doing different band's music. I'm still working it out. It didn't help that I started talent buying at Lefty's Live Music which has cut deeply into my time and focus.

Q: Who are some of your favorite local bands right now?

I hate to name favorites because I think a lot of them are great and I haven't seen enough of them. The biggest difference between the 90s and now is there are so many venues. Back in the day there was one and you saw everyone. So, I know there is a lot of bands that I haven't seen. That said my roots are punk and I lean toward that style and middle of the road rock. So off the top of my head I have to say recent bands that left me impressed are Make Your Mark, Goldblums, Easy Fruit, Squidboy, The Slants, Skin of Earth and Murder Earth. I know I'm missing someone.

*** I'd like to thank DaVo for taking the time to do this interview. ***

Note that the resurrection show and this interview were originally intended to happen during November 2015, therefore some content has been retrospectively edited to make sense. Further note that the latest details on the resurrection member line-up has also been added.


The Have Nots. Left to right: Joey, Paul, DaVo, Greg, Brian.

The Have Nots live. Left to right: Greg, DaVo, Paul.

The Have Nots live. Left to right: DaVo, Brian, Paul.

The Have Nots live. Left to right: Paul, Brian.

DaVo's 'The Have Nots' tattoo.

Front and back covers of the original demo.

Front cover of the digital release of the demo.

Flyer for the show at Lefty's Live Music in Des Moines, Iowa.


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Go to The Have Nots website to buy the 1996 demo in digital format via Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play, and iTunes. This is the first digital release of the band's rare and long out of print 1996 Cassette Demo, which was later named 'Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness'. It features David 'DaVo' Wilkins on vocals, Paul Gray (Slipknot) on guitar, Joey Jordison (Slipknot/Murderdolls) on guitar, Brian DuBay on bass, and Greg Welts (Mad Parade/Organized Crime/Slipknot/Rumble Seat Riot) on drums.

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