Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Heavy Metal/Power Metal/Thrash Metal

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Latest line-up:
Cam Pipes - Clean Vocals/Bass
Shane Clark - Guitar
Justin Hagberg - Guitar/Harsh Vocals
Ash Pearson - Drums

Fire Up The Blades line-up:
Cam Pipes - Clean Vocals
Jamie Hooper - Harsh Vocals
Justin Hagberg - Lead Guitar
Shane Clark - Rhythm Guitar
Nick Cates - Bass
Alexei Rodriguez - Drums

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'Sect Of The White Worm' EP (2001)
'Battlecry Under A Wintersun' (2002)
'Advance And Vanquish' (2004)
'Trial Of Champions' EP (2007)
'Fire Up The Blades' (2007)
'Here Waits Thy Doom' (2009)
'Anthems For The Victorious' EP (2011)
'Long Live Heavy Metal' (2012)

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The album 'Fire Up The Blades' (2007) was produced by Slipknot's Joey Jordison. One source also said that Joey took a few turns at the drum kit and even recorded a few background chants. Rumor has it that he actually recorded all the album's drums as the band had a fight with their drummer. On at least two occasions, Joey appeared live with the band after their drummer, Alexei Rodriguez, was fired (New York City 2007 and Iowa City 2008). Joey is seen drumming in the live music video for the song 'Trial Of Champions', and although it's unconfirmed, he is also thought to be the drummer in the 'Trial Of Champions' professional music video. Note that this band is the one that Joey appears to have been most involved with, without being an actual member.

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