Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

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Aaron Peltz - Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Braaksma - Lead Guitar
Wade Thompson - Bass
Paul Thompson - Drums/Vocals

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'Man Of The House' (2013)
01. Admiral Of The Sea
02. Overdose
03. Go To Hell
04. Mr Motor Racing
05. Black Rose
06. No Time For Fear
07. Powerful Drug
08. Blossomed Inferno

Other songs:
Killer On The Loose
Neon Nights
Proving Grounds

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Alister Hag is a hard rock band that blends powerful guitar harmonies with driving riffs and melodic vocals.

Alister Hag is the result of vocalist Aaron's love for classic UK 1960s/70s hard rock and heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Thin Lizzy.

The song 'Overdose' is about Chernobyl, and the lines 'son of a bitch' are apparently a reference to what the Russians called it. As it turns out, 'Son Of A Bitch' is also what the British hard rock/heavy metal band Saxon was known as from 1976-1978... so that's a nice unintentional reference to one of Alister Hag's inspirations.

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ALISTER HAG - Admiral of the Sea
Alister Hag 10.19.13 @ The Gas Lamp