Luther, Iowa, USA.

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Progressive Death Metal

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Alexander Oden - Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Programming

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'Abaddon Rising' (Full-length) (2014)
01. Abaddon Rising
02. Leviathan
03. Serpentine
04. Stitches
05. Lucid Dream
06. The Lament Configuration
07. Carving Shadows

'The Culmination' (Full-length) (2014)
01. The Culmination
02. Primal Shadow
03. Salvation Through Agony
04. Unspoken
05. Onslaught
06. Beyond Redemption
07. Purge
08. Barren Utopia

'Visceral Nemesis' (Full-length) (2015)
01. Phantom Spiral
02. Demented Perfection
03. Imminent Ascention
04. Visceral Nemesis
05. Martyrs Of The Tribulation
06. Revolving Desperation
07. Counterfeit Omnipotence
08. So Nearly Free

'Denihilism' (Full-length) (2016)
01. Denihilism
02. Threnody
03. Sin Hoarder
04. The War Inside
05. Barb Wire Catheter
06. The Contortionist
07. Malignant
08. Blistered Womb

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One man metal band from Iowa.

Alexander Oden is an American metal musician. Since 2008 he has been writing, recording, mixing, and releasing all of his own material independently. His songs combine elements of modern, death, thrash, and progressive metal for a truly unique sound.

Influences include Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot, Machine Head, and Sepultura.

Oden's first guitar teacher was Brian 'Taz' Grant (The Taz Band). In his time with 'Taz', Oden studied music theory and guitar chords. After two years studying with 'Taz', Oden moved on to a guitar teacher named Michael Curry (Ex-Atomic Opera). Curry gave lessons from the famous Ye Olde Guitar Shop in Des Moines, Iowa. Around town Curry was known as the number one metal guitar teacher. Curry gave Oden an incredible amount of knowledge and advice on being a metal lead guitarist. Along with lead guitar, Oden studied classical guitar with Curry. They worked on pieces by classical composers like Bach and Beethoven during these lessons. After five years with Curry, Oden decided to study with a new teacher named Mick Thompson (Slipknot). Thompson, who also taught from Ye Olde Guitar Shop, was known for being one of the best metal guitar players in the area. Under Thompson's guidance Oden studied sweep arpeggios along with other advanced lead guitar techniques.

Finally, Oden decided it was time to start playing guitar in a band. For the first few years he performed with local acts around the area. In 2001 he landed a position as guitarist in a touring band. With this group Oden played live shows all over the United States. They opened for bands like Stone Sour, God Forbid, and Black Label Society. Along with performing live Oden recorded on two of the groups independently released metal albums. During his time in the studio Oden worked with producer Corey Taylor (Slipknot).

Alexander has also released material under the studio project names of Black Epiphany, Geinazaug, Mortiferous Scorn, and The Agony Experiment. Alexander says: "Some of the albums have Mortiferous Scorn and Black Epiphany as the band names. These were studio projects I created over the past few years, each with a slightly different sound." He continues: "Things were getting confusing so I finally decided to release and re-release everything under the Alexander Oden name." For more information on these other studio projects, please see their respective pages.

Alexander started using his own name to release his studio material in 2013. He also intends to re-release his other projects' material under the 'Alexander Oden' name. The first six full albums to be released or re-released for free download on his official website were 'Catatonic Utopia' (2011) [Black Epiphany], 'The Wretched Dominion' (2011) [Geinazaug], 'Mental Anarchy' (2012) [Mortiferous Scorn], 'Abaddon Rising' (2014) [Alexander Oden], 'The Culmination' (2014) [Alexander Oden], 'Visceral Nemesis' (2015) [Mortiferous Scorn].

Alexander on his drum compositions and vocal influence: "I use midi files played by real drummers so it helps make the drums sound more realistic. It takes more work but I think it's really worth it in the end. Anders has been a huge influence on my vocal style. I used to use songs from their album 'Fleshcraft' to practice my vocals. Painface's music has had a huge influence on me as well. The first time I saw them play live about 15 years ago I was completely blown away. I really never understood why they never got a record deal with Roadrunner or another label."

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