Marshalltown, Iowa, USA.

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New line-up (2015):
Eric Verdullla - Vocals
Elick Verdulla - Guitar/Vocals
Rick Marks - Guitar
Mythias Keahna - Bass
Derek Hutchinson - Drums

Old line-up:
Eric Verdulla - Vocals
Elick Verdulla - Guitar
Rickey 'Marley' Marks - Guitar
Kyle 'Tiny' Kolker - Bass
Derek 'Hutch' Hutchinson - Drums

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'Through The Eyes Of The Fallen' EP (?)

'AlienNation' (2010)
01. Intro
02. The Threat [feat. Eric Davidson]
03. T.S.S. (DIS) [feat. Sid Wilson]
04. 40 Watts To Freedom
05. End Of The Day
06. Who You Are
07. Blink Of An Eye (2010)
08. Becoming
09. T.S.S. (DIS)

'State Of Mind' (2015)

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Agony Of Defeat also known as A.O.D.

Agony Of Defeat is a Midwest band from Iowa. Their music consists of a wide spectrum of sound from hard driving riffs to melodious hooks, with vocals that range from the screaming demon that rages inside to the harmonious catalyst of emotions.

An intense live show, combined with well produced music and a strong bond amongst its inner circle give Agony Of Defeat its unique quality which fans have come to appreciate.

On the band's 2010 album 'AlienNation', Dead Horse Trauma's Eric Davidson features on the track 'The Threat', and Slipknot's Sid Wilson does some scratching on the track 'T.S.S. (DIS) [feat. Sid Wilson]'.

The band is said to have all sorts of cool Slipknot connections, apart from Sid appearing on one of their tracks; like they recorded at the same studio as Slipknot, and bass on the whole album, 'State Of Mind' (2015), was recorded with one of Paul Gray's Warwick bass guitars. Note that Paul was left-handed, so Elick had to re-string the guitar so that it could be played right-handed, and the knobs had to be taped down so that they wouldn't get bumped.

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