Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

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Thrash Metal/Groove Metal

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Lucus Johnston - Vocals
Mike Tucker - Guitar
Michael Tucker - Guitar
Scott Carey - Bass/Backing Vocals
Joe Bartruff - Drums

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'Demo 2008' (Demo) (2008)
01. Saddle Up
02. Dogs Of War
03. Comeback

'Rise Of The Godless' (Full-length) (2010)
01. Descendant
02. Point Blank
03. Mourning Star
04. Wurm
05. Comeback
06. Antidote Of Death
07. Saddle Up
08. Blood For Blood
09. Pile Hammer
10. Dogs Of War
11. 3rd Strain Affliction
12. Rise Of The Godless
13. Descendant Outtro

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Bleedchain is a melodic death metal band from Waterloo, IA. Their main focus is brutality, originality, and blistering solos.

The band is a powerhouse of hard hitting guitar rhythms and leads, melodic and punchy bass lines, fast blood-driving drums and kick-your-ass vocals/screams.

Bleedchain is a combination of bands from the Cedar Valley area considered to be some of the heaviest original bands throughout the years.

Mike Tucker on guitar, founder of many bands and founder of Bleedchain, most recently came from E.S.D.M.F. (Eat Sh!t and D!e Mother F#ckers). Mikey Tucker on guitar, is the son of Bleedchain founder Mike Tucker, don't let his young age and boyish good looks fool you, this kid is brutal! Scott Carey, bass/backing vocals, was handling the low end for 1134 and then in Eddie Buzzard for another almost 8 years. Lucus Johnston on vocals, came from whatever back alley dumpster he woke up in that day, covered in filth and vomit. He fits in nicely. Joe Bartruff on drums, has been killing it in many bands over the years most recently with rock band Dimestore Hookers and the ultra heavy metal band From Citizen To Soldier.

Bleedchain, as it was before Luke, Joe and Scott joined, came about in the fall of 2007. In the beginning of 2010, Bleedchain went into the studio to record their self-funded, full-length CD, 'Rise Of The Godless'. After a month in the studio, the recording was complete and ready for mastering. Mastering was taken care of at Catamount Studios, in Cedar Falls, IA (same as the debut album by Stone Sour).

Since the release of the first three songs from 'Rise Of The Godless', fan base has grown tremendously and rapidly through various methods of self-promotion, online marketing and crushing live shows in the area.

The band now, with the addition of Joe, Scott and Luke. Things have turned very heavy, very quickly without losing the original heavy grit the band is known for. Be on the look out for a new album in 2014 of all new music.

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