Huntington Beach, California, USA.

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Industrial/Hip Hop/Punk Rock

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Corporate (Spike Xavier) - Vocals
Adawee (Patrick Dubar) - Vocals

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'Taxes Are Stealing' EP (2000)
'The New Testament' (2000)
'Freedom Is A State Of Mind' (2001)
'Born Again' (2005)

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Judging by the cover of the 'Taxes Are Stealing' EP, at this time the band consisted of eight members, including Pakelika of The Kottonmouth Kings, nameless members of 20 Dead Flower Children and No Doubt. During this phase of the band's history, the group had an ever-changing line-up and no two shows would be alike. Some times the band would show up to a location unannounced, play a few songs, and then leave.

Corporate Avenger are a band with a very distinct visual aesthetic. Its core members - Spike 'Corporate' Xavier and Adawee The Wind - both wear black and white face paint. Spike, donning a white face with a black cross, paints his face to "symbolize the suffering that his ancestors had received at the hands of Christianity." Adawee wears various kinds of paint, all meant to "remind him of his ancestors (the Cherokee Indians) who would paint their face when they went to war, and says that they are also fighting a war; a war of ideas."

Author's note: Corporate Avenger were one of the first bands to come out after Slipknot, who were dubbed by music press as 'the next Slipknot'. However, this was purely going by the fact that the band has as many as 9 or 10 members (in some photos), the core members wore face-paint and the rest wore balaclavas and other masks. In old notes, I mentioned that the group wore face-paint and have dyed hair, blend rap-metal and industrial metal with hardcore punk, and are accompanied by a bunch of 'loons' occupying the stage.

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