Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Zach Hoyt - Vocals
Nick Smeltzer - Guitar
Andrew Smeltzer - Bass
Robert Sanda - Drums

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'Straight Edge Apocalypse Hardcore Murder' (2012)
01. 515 Crew Theme
02. Bert I. Gordon Theme Song
03. I Love Hardcore (Porn)
04. I Fell In Love With Crocket And Tubbs
05. Joey Lawrence Theme Song
06. Karl's Theme
07. Suburban Madman
08. We're So Fucking Straight Edge
09. The Code
10. Unity
11. Warriors Of Satan
12. Wrestle Metal
13. Anything Slim (Zap!)
14. The Code
15. Warriors Of Satan
16. Unity
17. I Fell In Love With Crocket And Tubbs
18. Suburban Madman
19. Untitled
20. Berg Got Drunk In Iowa City

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C.H.U.D. stands for 'Cannibalistic. Humanoid. Underground. Dwellers.'

C.H.U.D. started out as a bunch of 14-year-old losers from the Iowa suburbs playing Misfits and Dead Kennedys covers in a basement. The original songs were a mix of teenage punk angst and mimicking their influences. They wrote songs about isolation, paranoia and anger, but also wrote about horror movies like the Misfits, recently murdered musicians like the Meatmen, and unity, like every punk band ever.

They started with dorky costumes, staged fights, and building a robot costume out of cardboard and HVAC components and convincing friends to wear it and be their mascot. They called it CHUDBOT and it was later immortalized in a tribute song by Bodies Lay Broken. Of course, anyone dumb enough to put on a bulky robot costume that you could barely see out of at a hardcore show inevitably got the shit knocked out of them by the audience.

On the album 'Straight Edge Apocalypse Hardcore Murder', tracks 1-13 were recorded March 28, 2002 for a 7" that was never released. Tracks 14-20 were recorded during the winter of 2000 and were released as xCHUDx 'The Motherfucking Demo'.

Eventually, all of the members except vocalist Zach Hoyt reconnected in the grind/crust band called Black Market Fetus.

For a full biography of the band plus further info on, and a free download of, the album, see the link below.

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Straight Edge Apocalypse Hardcore Murder | Mortville Noise HQ

C.H.U.D. - Des Moines Botanical Center 2002