Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Metal/Thrash Metal/Death Metal

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Identical Paths line-up:
Ken Payne - Lead Vocals
Josh Adamson - Lead Guitar
Luke Haffner - Rhythm Guitar
Ben Monroe - Bass/Backing Vocals
Adam Baszczynski - Drums

Illusions line-up:
Ken Payne - Vocals
Josh Adamson - Guitar
Luke Haffner - Guitar
Lucas Williams - Bass
Adam Baszczynski - Drums

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'Illusions' (EP) (2012)
01. Active Extremity
02. Degradation
03. Ruin
04. Rebirth
05. Dreamscape

'Identical Paths' (Full-length) (2015)
01. Static
02. Soul Reaper
03. European Disaster Train
04. Paved In Gold
05. Division Of Flesh
06. The Disconnect
07. Lake Of Three Fires
08. Vultures
09. Space Between
10. Identical Paths

Other songs:
Bitter Reality
Order Of The Perfectibilists
Polaris Breach
Virtues Of The Soul

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The Curse Of Hail is a melodic metal band based out of Des Moines, IA. Formed in the summer of 2008, TCOH has been working hard to eventually become one of the forerunners in the death metal scene in Iowa. Solidifying the line-up in 2011 with the addition of Ken Payne on vocals and Luke Haffner on guitar. The Curse Of Hail has reached a level of brutality and professionalism that will only take them to the top.

The Curse Of Hail is a death metal band who are not limited to the over-used labels of today's metal scene. Incorporating the over-the-top-yet-tasty-as-hell solos of modern day tech-death, with the thrash and burn riffage of their death metal forefathers, and the solid grooves of the melo-death pioneers, TCOH brings a new spin on what the average person calls 'metal'.

There's a song floating around by the band, called 'Renewal'. The same song appears on the 'Illusions' EP (2012) but is called 'Degradation'. Josh Adamson on the name change: "I don't remember how all that name stuff went down exactly. If I were to guess, it was named Renewal before Ken joined the band and then he changed it to fit with the other songs on the EP."

Previously the band were a 4-piece, with one of the guitarists also performing vocal duties. Josh says: "I did guitars and vocals back then, my brother played drums before Adam switched from bass. The other guitarist is my friend James who was one of the original members. He later came back and did bass for awhile after Luke joined."

The band has a connection with a band called 'Villisca'. Josh says: "As far as Villisca, our original drummer Seth joined that band after us. He lived too far away unfortunately so we had to go a different route. He actually came up with the name and original logos."

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