Vancouver, Washington, USA.

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Thrash Metal/Death Metal

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Nick Bielser - Lead Vocals/Guitar
D.C Snipes - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Josh Sullivan - Bass/Backing Vocals
Clayton McDaniel - Drums

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'Trapped In Twilight' (2010)
01. T.K.T.K (To Kill The Kappa)
02. Temple In Time
03. Futile
04. Dark Abyss
05. The Truth
06. Spread The Plague
07. The Desolate
08. Corruption
09. Trapped In Twilight

'Gospel Of The Wretched' (2012)
01. Perception
02. Gospel Of The Wretched
03. Haunted By Wolves (Wolfan)
04. Thrashed Out Cold
05. Jumpstart Judgement Day
06. Blackwater Burial
07. Thule
08. Recipe For Death
09. Occam's Razor (Instrumental)

'The Great Departure' (2015)
01. Intro (Instrumental)
02. The Great Departure
03. Fatal Frontier
04. Intergalactic Time Shed
05. Cosmic Meat Cleaver
06. Axionic Pathways
07. Forge
08. The Gate
09. I Have A Name
10. Sentinel
11. Outro (Instrumental)

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Formed in 2008, The Desolate bring their own version of thrash metal to the masses with their blazing chainsaw riffs via guitarists Nick Bielser, Craig Snipes and bassist Josh Sullivan blend perfectly with drummer Clayton McDaniel's fresh approach to thrash metal drumming. An aural assault of squealing guitars, pounding bass, hammering drums, lacerating speed, brilliant songwriting, and remorseless aggression, The Desolate is a four piece metal band on a mission. These Vancouver, WA transplants honed their craft back in the Midwest, where they quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their devastating songwriting dynamic. Their newest release, 'The Great Departure' is a treasure trove of blistering guitar solos, intense drumming, and pounding bass. With songs like 'The Sentinel' and 'Intergalactic Time Shed', there is something here for all fans of heavy music. It is an album that was clearly written by musicians who are comfortable playing music together; more focused on pushing themselves to their next level of skill rather then concerning themselves with trying to fit into a certain genre or scene. The Desolate is a four man killing machine set to pave its way into the modern day metal scene.

Originally from Burlington, Iowa, the band moved to Vancouver, Washington, for more chance of success. Nick on the move, why Washington, and their new scene: "We did go to Des Moines pretty often. Usually just for bigger shows. We never quite made it on to the local scene. We played People's Court when it was still open and the Vaudeville. Mostly ticket sellers. We we're always received well I think. We just didn't know many people in the area. The S.E. Iowa scene at least in the Burlington area is almost non-existent. I remember it being great when I was younger of course. The hardcore scene in the early 2000s closed all the venues. Nobody wanted the holes in the walls from invisible ninja fighting. Lol. Seriously though it just got to where we had to drive at minimum 2 hours to play anywhere. We did go out all the time and do it though. We loved the Cedar Rapids area. The people and bands were good to us there. I think we just felt like we could grow more in a bigger area with a bigger scene. We had other bands tell us we wouldn't do well out here. They'd say things like you'll never get noticed there's too many bands in that area. The truth is we didn't care. We chose the area based on what people said the area's scene was like. We also discussed New Orleans, Los Angeles and Houston. All supposedly have incredible metal scenes. We did some research on each area and all gravitated towards the Portland area. Clay had visited the area a year before on vacation and loved it too. The scene out here is still in a state of rebirth, but growing steadily. New venues seem to pop up every other week. New bands as well. Settling in Vancouver, WA instead of Portland. We found it is just across the Columbian river from Portland. About a 20 minute drive from down town Portland. Very quick access to most major venues. Also the biggest factor is cost of rent of course. It's simply far cheaper to live in Washington. The cost of living is comparable to Iowa. It's also a smaller city than Portland by quite a bit. Vancouver actually feels about like Des Moines in size. We felt like we'd probably be more comfortable in a smaller city to begin with. More like home. We knew this whole experience was a risk to be sure. I can say 100% at this point we made a good move for us. The people out here fully welcomed us into the metal community. We have played more shows than ever and have had more opportunities than we had previously. Radio spots and tours as well as more metal showcases for fans. I wouldn't say that these goals were unachievable in Iowa, but they were definitely harder to reach. I feel like all the bands in Iowa have a work ethic that's not often matched out here. Our Iowa roots have definitely served us well on our journey. Not only do we not know the meaning of giving up. We just never will. I know we'll find our way back to Iowa for shows sometime soon. We're looking forward to that for sure."

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