Anita, Iowa, USA.

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D.J. Case - Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocals/Producer

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'Life' (2013)
01. This Town (Ft. Cody Johnson & Grace Smith)
02. Professiona!
03. WTF (Ft. Mr. White)
04. G.O.Y.A. (Ft. Matty B)
05. Audio Musketeers (Produced by Illmatic Productions)
06. Starlight
07. Favorite
08. Getta Lil (Ft. Big D & Sarah Minor)
09. Next Chapter (Ft. Rick James & A.P.)
10. Social Butterfly
11. It's Over
12. Daddy Loves You
13. Callin' U Out
14. Gotta Get Dat (Ft. Galvanized-Tron & Kicks)
15. Ca$h Flo
16. Ill (Ft. Cody Johnson)
17. You Shoulda Called Me (Ft. Izzy Dunfore)
18. Anima Revolution
19. Drinking & Driving

Other songs:
BeTt eR runnn

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A male solo Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Studio Engineer originally based out of Anita, IA. Dubbed as the "One Man Band" Digga's live performance involves sometimes half a dozen different instruments in which he plays, switching up for different songs and sometimes in the middle of songs. Musical genres include; Hip-Hop, Rock, Rap, Metal, Reggae, Folk, Punk, Alternative, R&B, Pop, and several mixed genres. Typically, Digga DJ's sound is that of hard bass-driven beats with down-tuned distorted guitar accompanied by melodic hooks and rhyming verses. Lyrical content is anything from party music, life, his children, love, and emotion. Some main influences are; Hollywood Undead, Korn, Linkin Park, Bone Thugs n Harmony, The Beatles, Deftones, and Eminem. All songs are usually written, recorded, and produced by only Digga DJ, however; there are many songs that feature other Vocalists. Digga DJ has gained a reputation of being a "show stealer" in which his live performances are not like other typical artists. Staying busy on the stage, Digga is a "one man band", jumping from several different instruments during his coordinated backing tracks and delivering a high energy performance. Digga DJ has been playing instruments since age 3, when he first played a drum set; and is fluent in multiple instruments such as- Drums/Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Piano, Harmonica, and several others. At age 33 he has been in the business for about 15 years and has been in groups Liquid Chiken, Common Diseases of Swine, and Psyphur. He also makes several appearances on several different instruments in many other bands' live shows. His solo career has been of 4 years and his Debut album "Life" was released on May 28th, 2013 and features 19 songs and 10+ artists.

Digga on the album: "Either people love it or hate it. My stuff is definitely made more for live show in party atmospheres. The recording is completely home made, I did it all myself in my living room and vocals in my bathroom. So production-wise it's not the greatest. I've always liked rap for the bass and clever word play but love heavy music at heart, so I thought I'd try and combine the two. For sure a lot of old Hollywood Undead influence."

During April 2014, Digga DJ performed drums for the improvisational set by 'Big AL' at Big AL's Music Festival (BAMF) 2014. Big AL is an experimental/rock/metal outfit from Omaha, Nebraska.

The song 'BeTt eR runnn' is a previously unreleased horrorcore track, now available as of 2015 at Digga DJ's ReverbNation page as a free download.

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Digga DJ - ReverbNation

Big AL band - "Negative Space" from BAMF 2014 featuring Digga DJ
Dubstep on the fly with live drums by Digga DJ