Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

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Metal/Industrial Metal

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'A Blueprint Of Suppression' (2007)

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Downshift is definitely a new school metal band. Being from Omaha, Nebraska does nothing but pour fuel on the fire. Downshift was brought up in a place that showed them that no one can be trusted and no one will help you up when they fall. This is why they play the music that they do. It's aggressive as well as melodic. They are the ones who want to bring heavy music into the ears of the 21st century. Downshift is a breath of fresh air down the closed throat of today.

For a machine to work, all the moving parts need to work together, in sync and without limitation. If one part fails to operate the way it should, the whole machine breaks down. Downshift is a perfect example of this reality put into practicality. Having been born in Omaha, NE in early 1999, Downshift has gone through many overhauls in its existence. Previous line-ups allowed the band to work, but never really gave anyone involved a sense of stability in the music.

Downshift has existed above and below ground for years before the final part was added to the machine in mid 2003. Previous line-ups crippled the progression of the machine in late 2002. Downshift had been looking for the right vocal part for the better part of a year, as the old one had rusted and fallen off. They continued to write, and after more than 18 months of searching, they found Jeph Geaghan. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the piece that works the best. Jeph was coming from another Omaha area band called Enevel. He possessed exactly what the remaining three were looking for, a very defined, emotional voice. They knew that Jeph would lead them in the direction they wanted their music to go in. In late 2004, producer J3507 was added to the line-up to take care of keyboards, samples, and programming. The line-up is complete.

A promotional video was made for the song 'Hollowcore', available on the 2005 CD/DVD release entitled 'A Blueprint Of Suppression'. This is a compilation of live footage shot at Facecage's CD Release (7/15/2006), an event hosted by Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour.

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Downshift - "Hollowcore"