Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

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Barbe Paris - Lead Vocals/Backup Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Percussion
Dave Paris - Backup Vocals/Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Cigar Box Guitar/Misc

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'Jury Of My Peers' (2015)
01. Roman's Road
02. Brought By Blood
03. Free B
04. Salvation Street
05. Blue
06. Night Before Last
07. Wood, Wire, Wind
08. Chapter & Verse
09. Last 2nd
10. Funky Song Of Praise
11. Seeds On Stone
12. Penguin Love
13. Author Of Fate

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A guitar-driven instrumental band with female vocals.

Guitarist Dave Paris of the Dave Paris Group, is a versatile player who's style encompasses rock, blues, modern, acoustic, jazz, classical, shred, and everything in-between.

Dave Paris has spent the last few years doing solo acoustic guitar shows in coffeehouses, churches and singer/songwriter events. His style mostly consists of jazz and classical arrangements, standards and acoustic originals. Plus he's been giving private guitar lessons. Not to mention conducting interactive guitar/music clinics for youth groups and festivals. Oh, and he also does session work for rock, jazz, acoustic and country artists. So, being bored, he figured he should start a new band. When his previous band dissolved in 2006, he began writing the songs he'd always wanted to write - strictly instrumentals. Shortly thereafter, he started circulating a demo CD to friends and people he knew, with the intentions of making a small, part-time group to do a couple shows a year, if he could find musicians. He had no idea the band would become as busy as it has, eventually becoming his main project.

'Jury Of My Peers' (2015) is a 13-song instrumental guitar album encompassing modern rock, blues, funk, metal, shred, and everything in-between.

On the album 'Jury Of My Peers' there were 5 or 6 different percussionists.

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