Des Moines, Iowa / Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

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Nu Metal/Alternative Metal

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Aaron Peltz - Vocals
Anthony 'Satone' Stevens - Vocals
Bruce Swink - Guitar
Lance 'Kuk' Collier - Bass
Nathan Church - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Danny Spain - Drums

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'Downthesun' (self-titled) (2002)
01. Medicated
02. We All Die
03. Enslaved
04. Lucas Toole
05. Zero
06. Pure American Filth
07. Pitful
08. Scapegoat
09. Listen
10. Eye Confide
11. Jars
12. Revelations

Demo/Unreleased Tracks:

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Stylized with all lowercase letters as 'downthesun'.

One website stated the song names 'Consuming Me' and 'Fade Away' as unreleased songs by the band, but they are not.

Neil Godfrey was the original guitarist, from 1999-2001. After recording the guitar tracks for their self-titled debut, Godfrey left the band to join first Motograter, and then Lo-Pro with former Ultraspank singer Pete Murray. The band then recruited Bruce Swink to handle guitar for the band's live shows.

In 2001 the band signed to Slipknot's Maggot Recordings label. However, this label never really became established, and was disolved soon after. This left the band unsigned for a brief period of time, before being signed to Roadrunner Records and releasing their self-titled debut album in 2002.

Early 2003, however, saw the band, for reasons unknown, experience a mass exodus of band members, as Aaron Peltz, Satone, Danny Spain, and Bruce Swink all left the band. Kuk and Church soldiered on, however, finding replacements for the departed members, and recording a few demos and playing live shows around the midwest before calling it a day in late 2003.

The song 'Lucas Toole' was written about the late-70's serial killing duo of Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole.

The band's name is said to come from the Wicca ritual Drawing Down The Sun. Band's founding member Kuk commented it and the band's first name "The Six" on downthesun's MySpace website: "Whether it's bit of astrology or numerology, there's meaning to downthesun. Our name means we draw down the energy of the sun to create our own circle of magic. Take, the number six, for instance. Six is the sun and nine is the moon. There are six of us in this band: three charged positive and three-charged negative. To have complete truth, you have to have both."

Aaron Peltz clarifying Shawn Crahan's involvement with the band: "Crahan's involvement was that he initially signed the band to his imprint Maggot Records through London/Sire. London/Sire folded around that same time so we went to Roadrunner."

Erich Tran (Green Death, Only) auditioned for downthesun as the potential guitarist. He says "I knew nothing about them when they brought me in. It was supposed to be just to meet me. But then they wanted me to learn a song in my car stereo and come back in and play it. Lol. The next day I called Sol and we started Only."

When the band first emerged and were being featured in various music press such as magazines and websites, it was hinted that downthesun was like a natural extension to Slipknot. Bruce says frankly on this matter: "Complete bullshit." It seemed that the band were frustrated with being compared and connected to Slipknot, and it was hard for them to promote their own band without constant mentions of Slipknot. This was clearly exacerbated by the fact that Clown's old drum tech, Satone Stevens, was a vocalist and other close friends of the band in the form of Aaron Peltz, Bruce Swink, and Danny Spain, were also members. Not to mention Clown having originally signed the band to his imprint Maggot Records. Indeed one aspect of the band's downfall, described as certainly a 'nail in their coffin', was that the band were actually offered a Mushroomhead tour before they got dropped from Roadrunner Records, but turned it down, because it wouldn't look good to the Slipknot camp. So by trying to remain loyal to old friends, they actually shot themselves in the foot at a real chance of their own success.

What with three common members (Aaron, Bruce, and Danny), it's easy to find connections between the older band Deadfront, and downthesun. One might even say that downthesun is like a spiritual successor to Deadfront. However, in real terms, this isn't the case. Bruce says: "No... deadfront and dts had nothing to do with one another. With Danny and Aaron, it was certainly bound to have a few similarities musically, but really... there was no intention to make a 'better', or 'newer' deadfront. Especially considering that dts was formed in K.C. and started before the DSM members existed."

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Downthesun "Medicated"
DownTheSun part 1 - We All Die / Pure American Filth ( Live ) - Fitzgeralds Houston
DownTheSun part 2 - Live - Fitzgeralds Houston tx