Clive, Iowa, USA.

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Alternative Rock

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Jim Corigliano - Vocals
Josh Brainard - Guitar
Eric Mesenbrink - Guitar
John Mesenbrink - Bass
Jay Corigliano - Drums

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'The White Album' (2010)
01. The Torture
02. The Beach
03. The That
04. Puff
05. Flatknocker
06. Pulp
07. Goldito Lindo
08. Uno Poke
09. Lollie Pop
10. Pulse
11. Salt
12. Lucky
13. On/Off

'The Blue Album' (2016)

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Sometimes spelt as the one-worded 'Goathill'.

Goat Hill were formerly known as Odium.

The Mesenbrink and Corigliano brothers were joined by long-time confidant Josh Brainard in 2008.

Originally formed as Odium in 2002 with all brothers from the Midwest's Heroic Dose and Dementia, Odium soared with 2 self-released, full-length albums.

One source said that the band was going to put together a compilation album with new stuff and some 'lost' Odium tracks.

As Odium never separated, the music evolved and it was deemed appropriate to bring in brother and friend Josh Brainard. From this formation, a monster 13-song (plus one hidden track) album was created that used up all 80 minutes of the printed CD. Due to the change in musical and lyrical philosophy, the self-loathing, hate-filled name of Odium was replace the more ambiguous representation, Goat Hill (named after an actual location in northwestern Iowa). The album was fully recorded in Goat Hill's personal studio.

Shows were being lined-up in support of the newly minted 'White Album' but only 4 were played in Des Moines, Iowa City and Ames before life took its course and because of family and work, members moved to support their families. The White Album was never officially released although 1000 copies exist across the globe. All members pursued numerous side-projects as they waited out the storm. A fourth album was in progress when the band decided to take a break... to be continued...

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