Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Hard Rock/Metal/Crossover Metal

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Later line-up (2000):
Jim Corigliano (as 'Percy Buckwalter') - Vocals
Max Hudson (as 'Saul Tballs') - Lead Guitar
John Hatterman (as 'Tico Maultobaun') - Rhythm Guitar
Earl Thornton (as 'Yam Sackamua') - Bass
Jay Corigliano (as 'Roger Schicksling') - Drums

Original line-up (1997):
Jim Corigliano (as 'Percy Buckwalter') - Vocals
Max Hudson (as 'Saul Tballs') - Lead Guitar
Dave Mueler (as 'Bobo Gargantar') - Rhythm Guitar
John Hatterman (as 'Tico Maultobaun') - Bass
Jay Corigliano (as 'Roger Schicksling') - Drums

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'Demo' (1999)
01. Genius
02. Head
03. My Pigeon Problem
04. Meat
05. C.T.A.D

'Die Happy' (2000)
01. Ritual Killing
02. Die Happy
03. Railed
04. Deer Tick
05. The Hair Between My Teeth
06. Meat
07. My Pigeon Problem
08. Genius (Demo Version)
09. Head (Demo Version)
10. Nothing
11. Hidden Track

'Instar' (2002)
01. Height
02. Wrongalot
03. Enigma
04. Culo de Chango
05. Wishful Thinking
06. The Guilt
07. Lowering the Standards of the Earth
08. Reinventing Me
09. Instar
10. Ololuihqui

Other songs:

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Self-proclaimed as 'Weird circus metal'.

Heroic Dose was a mess from the beginning... a sloppy, beautiful mess. Max, John, Jay and Jim made short work of creating the first concepts of the initial tunes and playing sporadically. Dave Mueler was brought on within a few months and things became interesting musically. The first EP, entitled 'Demo', was recorded at Junior's Motel in Otho, Iowa with engineering genius Kevin Miles at the helm in 1998. This enabled the group to begin branching out into the region.

In early 2000, Heroic Dose headed to SR Audio to work with Matt Sepanic for the first full-length album, 'Die Happy'. Upon its release, found itself as a regional name as well as earning a spot on Mancow's Lazer Luau in 1999 at Ankeny Airfield in Ankeny, Iowa. These performances led to a contract with Sickness Management. A few tours ensued but there were increasing tensions between the band and management. Shortly thereafter Dave left the band due to personal reasons.

With Dave's departure the band looked to rebrand and ride out the remainder of their contract so as not piss anyone off. John switched to rhythm guitar and classically trained Earl Thornton was brought in to take over bass guitar duties. Writing was reignited in a big way and the group once again found themselves playing in the Midwest's premier venues once again, completely self-managing as it should be.

For the recording of the third album, the boys once again headed to their home away from home, Junior's Motel, to take care of business. The music was fresh and worthy of the review from the first two but alas, it was not to be. Jim moved to Omaha for work and Earl left for Arizona in pursuit of his masters in music.

The album just recently saw daylight and is in the process of being remastered. Rumors of new material have been swirling but no official word from the band.

Jim Corigliano on the fairly rare track 'Judas': "It was just a single that we never released. I can't remember why."

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