Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Douglas Waite MacDonald - Vocals/Bass
Kun Pheng Nong - Guitar
M. Shawn Crahan - Drums

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Sometimes called 'Headz On The Wall', with shortened versions appearing such as 'Headz' or 'Hedz'.

The band formed at Des Moines' Hoover High School.

The line-up included a 15-year-old Shawn Crahan on drums, Asian teenager Kun Nong on guitar and a bass player named Doug, who also handled vocal duties.

Patrick Neuwirth was also once in the band.

Some sources say that the band formed as late as 1992, but this would make it far too late. The most likely explanation for this is that people are getting confused with the band that was early Slipknot (around the Basement Sessions era).

One song from that era was said to be called 'Skull Fuck Lobotomy', but one website states that this was during the period after HOTW ended, when Shawn and Pat played music with another bass player and singer.

Sometime later, Patrick and Shawn met Andy (Rouw) and Paul (Gray) at a place called the Runaway, where Headz would play all ages shows. They then used to sneak Andy and Paul into Hairy Mary's to see real music, and some point after that they got together in Paul's basement and pounded out some songs... forming the very first stages of what would go on to become Slipknot.

It has been said that the band made one sound cassette, called 'HOTW', and on it was a collection of spoken word and music.

It's also been said that when the band began jamming and decided to make it formal, they called themselves 'Cry'. They are said to have done mostly REM covers and the occasional 'Higher Ground' by the RHCP.

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HOTW - Live at Hairy Mary's.mpg