Boston / Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

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Improvisational Rock 'N' Roll/Blues/Jam/Covers

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Bruce Mandaro - Guitar/Guitar Synth/Mandolin/Vocals
Perry Seigle - Guitar/Vocals
Mark Munzer - Keyboards/Vocals
John Brigham - Bass/Vocals
Greg DeGuglielmo - Drums/Vocals

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The Knot (formerly known as Slipknot), is a Massachusetts-based jam band that performs both original and cover songs, in the genres of rock, blues, and rock 'n' roll.

The Knot has been at the forefront of improvisational rock and roll for many years. Their marathon sets of 90 minutes or more are packed with a variety of musical styles and extended jams. They enjoy playing creative, high energy music that is sure to keep you dancing. They mix original compositions with the music of classic artists like The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, The Band, Traffic, Little Feat, and many others.

The band's situation and views regarding the Iowan Slipknot are well documented on their old website. As of December 2003, the band commented that after years of cantankerous explanations as to who was whom, area jam band mainstay Slipknot is changing its moniker to The Knot. Guitarist Bruce Mandaro said he was tired of the hassles generated by fans of the death-metal band Slipknot which cruised out of Iowa to national prominence a few years ago. It didn't matter that Massachusetts' Slipknot has been around for more than 20 years, lots of people got confused. Come January (2004), when you see signs for The Knot, know that you're in for a good dose of Grateful Dead-inspired music.

Info taken from the old 'The Knot Web Site' ( which is now defunct.

Author's note: This band has some loose connections to Iowa's Slipknot, aside from their previous name. The band has a keyboard player, just as Iowa's Slipknot has a keyboardist/sampler. In one picture that was available at one time, there appears to be two main drum kits onstage with drummers seated behind both at the same time, therefore a similarity arises with Iowa's Slipknot in that they have two custom percussionists as well as a main drummer.

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