Davenport, Iowa, USA.

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Progressive Metal/Math Metal/Tech Metal

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Jacob Gregory - Vocals
Billy Gardner - Guitar
Brandon Hankins - Guitar
Steven Krug - Bass
Steve Merritt - Drums

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'Accretion Of Absence' EP (2015)
01. A Sunday Driver's Worst Nightmare Is Logic
02. A Night In Alpha Centauri
03. Geosynchronus Sentinel Satellite
04. Understanding The Supermassive
05. The Catalyst Completes The Crucible

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Kronos Resistor began as a solo project of Billy Gardner Jr. After writing a few songs, working solo proved to be a tedious venture and Billy enlisted a second guitarist, Andrew Olson. Andrew brought fresh ideas and with his help the two were able to put together a few tunes before receiving an invite of local musician bassist Steven Krug Jr., to start a project of his own. It seemed they were all trying to achieve the same sound, so they joined forces. Sharing similar interests in music, and having a deeper understanding of it, Steven was able to help with arrangements, bring unique ideas, and confidently handle the bottom end of the music. This is where the project stalled. The long search for a drummer began. It seemed hopeless and the three members put the project on hiatus. Finally after months, if not years of searching, entered Steve Merritt. A very talented drummer and musician in his own right, Steve brought enough skill and intelligence to rival the rest of the band and upon completion of their first song, 'Sentinal', it was a done deal. Jacob Gregory was last into the fold, bringing lyrical depth and a vocal intensity that completed the Kronos line-up. Brandon Hankins has recently joined us as well. He brings a fresh new perspective instrumentally, and is a perfect addition to the group of nerds that is Kronos Resistor.

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