Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Thrash Metal

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Later line-up (1993?):
Josh Brainard - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Craig Jones - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ryan Roskam - Bass/Backing Vocals
Joey Jordison - Drums/Backing Vocals

Earlier line-up (1992):
Tim Cory - Vocals/Guitar
Craig Jones - Guitar
Ryan Roskam - Bass
Joey Jordison - Drums

Original line-up (1991):
Tim Cory - Vocals/Guitar
Bruce Swink - Guitar
Ryan Roskam - Bass
Joey Jordison - Drums

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'Drown' (Demo) (1993)
01. Submitting To Detriment
02. Drown
03. Read My Lips
04. Concussion

'Submitting To Detriment' (Demo) (1993)
01. Strange Occurrences
02. Emotional Overdose
03. Though The Floor
04. Beginning Of Nothing
05. Administer Sinister
06. Existence

'Visceral' (EP) (1993)
01. Indisposed
02. Sprawl
03. Drown
04. Into A Shadow
05. Ritual Circle

'Mud Fuchia' (EP) (1994)
01. Virus 808/Fist
02. Henry
03. Everything
04. Drop

'Sprawl' (Compilation) (1994)
01. Virus 808/Fist
02. Henry
03. Everything
04. Drop
05. Indisposed
06. Sprawl
07. Drown
08. Into A Shadow
09. Ritual Circle

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The song 'Through The Floor' is said to be the first song that Joey Jordison ever wrote.

Tim Cory on Joey: "If you need a post for your Slipknot affiliations it should simply say this: Don't EVER let Joey drink Carnation instant breakfast and run up and down the stairs. Worst day ever for anyone within smelling distance!!!" Tim clarifies: "...he had the worst fart ever."

Tim Cory speaks further of Joey: "He was my best friend in junior high and high school, as well as my neighbor. His family was my family back then. Hell I took his sister to prom. And he had been playing since he was four. His mom was awesomely supportive. The whole basement was his practice room and she hooked him up with a killer stereo system to play with. That's where we actually started jamming and came up with Modifidious. He's the reason I started playing guitar. One day he just said you should get a guitar and we could jam. So we went to a mutual friend that was selling one. I went home that night and taught myself the Master Of Puppets album. The next day we hammed... and it started lol"

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Modifidious - Emotional Overdose [The Runway, Des Moines, 1992]