Santa Barbara, California, USA.

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Nu Metal/Alternative Metal/Industrial Metal

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Line-up (April 2015):
James Anthony Legion - Vocals
Matt 'Nuke' Nunes - Guitar
Carlos 'Crow' Pagan - Guitar
Mylon Guy - Bass
Dustin 'Skunk' Anderson - Motograter
Joey Vice - Smur Drums/Vocals/Samples
Noah 'Shark' Robertson - Drums

Line-up (2014):
Michael 'Angel' Woodruff - Lead Vocals
Matt 'Nuke' Nunes - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Kery 'Venom' Glennon - Guitars
Mylon Guy - Bass
Michael 'The Kidd' Stewart - Motograter
Noah 'Shark' Robertson - Drums

Line-up (2003):
Ivan 'Ghost' Moody - Vocals
Matt 'Nuke' Nunes - Guitars
Bruce 'Grater' Butler - Motograter
Zak 'The Waz' Ward - Electronics/Samples
Joey 'Smur' Krzywonski - Percussion
Chris 'Crispy' Binns - Drums

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'Hugh Chardon' EP (1998)
'Indy' EP (2000)
'Motograter' (2003)
'Pre-Release' EP (2009)

Demo/live/rare tracks:
Breathe (unreleased demo track from 2002)
Fuck Off (unreleased song simply known as that as the band didn't have a name for it and it eventually turned into a rare live song called 'Failure')
Holy War AKA Down (unreleased demo track from 2002)
Open My Heart (unreleased demo track from 2002)
Roots Bloody Roots (live cover of the Sepultura song)

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Motograter was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1995 by Bruce 'Grater' Butler, the inventor of the motograter instrument, and percussionist Joey 'Smur' Krzwonski. Their initial years consisted of both experimenting with various sounds and instruments to identify their sound.

Motograter is an American metal/groove/tribal/industrial/nu metal band formed in 1995. They are best known for their homemade instrument, the 'Motograter', designed with industrial cable and guitar pieces that creates a unique bass sound. The band is also known for painting themselves in a tribal style body paint for live concerts.

Former guitarist Neil Godfrey was previously in the band 'downthesun', and former guitarist Ty Fury later became a member of the band 'Dirty Little Rabbits'.

Current (April 2015) sampler/percussionist/vocalist Joey Vice used to be in the band 'Dead Horse Trauma', from Des Moines, Iowa.

In May 2015, during Motograter's tour, Eric Davidson of Dead Horse Trauma (who were one of the supporting bands) performed guest vocals in the band's encore performance of 'Collapse' at S.E.I.R.M. Fest 2015. Also on this tour, Eric actually filled-in as vocalist at the Missoula show, after the singer James Anthony Legion got laryngitis and couldn't speak.

Author's note: The band has seen multiple line-up changes since their inception in 1995. During their time they have been through break-ups, reformations, and hiatuses. There have been numerous vocalists, line-ups with and without electronics/samples/percussion, and with total line-up changes where no original members remain... only the name and instrument. In essence, Motograter really is the instrument.

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