Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Rock/Desert Rock/Stoner Rock

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Later line-up:
Jason Boten - Guitar/Vocals
Thomas Brighton - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Pundzak - Bass
Derek Dautremont - Drums

Molt line-up:
Jason Boten - Guitar/Vocals
Thomas Brighton - Guitar/Vocals
Larry Enos - Bass/Vocals
Derek Dautremont - Drums

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'Molt' EP (2013)
01. Contagious Rust
02. Blind Horizon
03. Wall Of Tusks
04. Possession Reciprocation
05. Demon's Chair
06. Red, White And Screwed

'Shed' (2015)
01. Moonrings
02. Lava
03. Lemon Toast
04. Darkstar
05. Give It All Away
06. Chains & Sleeves
07. Harm's Way
08. Them's Fightin' Words
09. Tazer Tot Casserole
10. Hammer Of The Gods

Other songs:
Awesome Clock
Rhubarb Fog

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The band describe their sound as 'fuzzy Wookie Rock'.

Thomas and Jason share lead vocals duties. Sometimes one takes the lead on a particular song and sometimes in a single song both sing lead.

Unusually for a band, bass is played center stage, by Steve Pundzak, with guitar/vocals being played left and right of stage, by Jason Boten and Thomas Brighton, respectively.

Guitarist/vocalist Jason Boten was in the band 'Superchief', spending 3 years there on bass. Drummer Derek Dautremont used to be in the band 'Albino Spiders', as their drummer.

Tim Sirianni Jr. (ABSOLUTE POWER) sometimes appears live with the band, performing vocals on the song 'Contagious Rust'. He has now started singing a new song called 'Harm's Way' with the band and also appears on that song on their debut full-length album 'Shed'.

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