Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

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Metal/Hard Rock/Thrash Metal/Progressive Rock

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Jesse Dean - Vocals/Guitar
Zachary Adkins - Lead Guitar
Zech Hazard - Bass
T.B.A. - Drums

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'The Anti-Narcotics Movement' (2002)
'Falling Distance' (2004)
'Blood And Poison' (2006)

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The year 2000 the small city of Omaha, NE would give birth to a metal band soon to change ALL stereotypes of metal that the world has yet to see. Beginning as only a three piece, Narcotic Self came onto a scene saturated with indie rock, and at the time, what the rock media refers to as 'rap-metal'. With a huge buzz created from the band only by performing in front of gathering crowds at weekly practices, Narcotic Self's first live performance at the legendary Ranch Bowl Entertainment Center awoke an electricity in the Omaha music scene that was starving for something new. The band performed for a packed house with an addictive energy that fuelled the whole crowd into the pits. A new sound of melodic, thrash metal, with strangely organized song structures, illustrative lyrics, and off beat time signatures immediately caught the attention of larger and larger crowds.

Narcotic Self next became one of the first and only original metal acts in the Midwest to get sponsored by liquor giants Jagermeister. Soon the band would go onto do shows exceeding numbers of 3000 people still without any help or backing from booking agencies, or recording contracts.

Now armed with a new rhythm section, the band had a lineup of not only a good match of band members, but some of the best musicians in the city of Omaha. With the city exploding musically with national and international recognition due to artists and labels popping up like Sattle Creek Records, the band was caught against the grain within it own music scene.

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