Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Jim Corigliano - Vocals
Eric Mesenbrink - Guitars
John Mesenbrink - Bass
Jay Corigliano - Drums

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'The Black Album' (2004)
01. Deign
02. Never A Moment's Peace
03. God Drove Me Home
04. Darwin Was Right
05. A Pleasing Form
06. Recess
07. To Serve Man
08. Odium
09. Inimical
10. The Adventures Of The Bobble Head Jesus

'The Orange Album' (2007)
01. The Pen Is Still Blue
02. Dogma
03. When Will Then Be Now
04. The Template
05. Cat Of Nine Tails

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Sometimes called 'Odium from Iowa'.

Often called the best kept secret in the Midwest, Odium took a different approach to music and the scene. The songs came first and shows were limited. The first self-titled album, commonly referred to as the 'Black Album', was recorded at Catamount Studios and released in 2004. Over 6000 copies were sold with no support from Des Moines radio or press.

Odium spent the next 2 years writing and performing all over the Midwest and began to make a name for itself. Odium began concentrating on bringing regional acts to Des Moines as well as finding locals who deserved exposure. Leaning heavily on the awesomeness of JC and Nancy Wilson of the House Of Bricks, Odium began using elaborate stage shows and shenanigans to showcase what a live show could be.

In 2007, a new 5-song album, the 'Orange Album' (still over 45 minutes in length), was recorded at the new Sound Farm, engineered, mixed and mastered by Matt Sepanic. Due to personal and tragic band issues, the Blue Album was not pushed as hard as its predecessor and Odium simply continued writing and pursuing assorted side-projects. During the summer of 2009, Odium toured and played local shows like never before and things were looking up once again. It was not to last as one of the members suffered a serious medical setback and the band fell quiet again, unsure of the future.

Jim Corigliano on the band's shows: "As for the shows, we really wanted to set ourselves apart. People were complaining that all local shows were becoming more expensive and all the bands did was stand there. So we decided to reduce the cost of our shows and put on something that they didn't get to see very often and that they wouldn't readily forget. We also made it a point of pride never to keep any money from our shows... that always went to the other bands."

Jim further explains: "We purchased an elaborate lighting system. We would fog the crap out of the venue so all you could see was shadows. We made sandwiches for the audience. We had 'garage sales' during the shows where I would haggle prices while in the middle of shows. There were so many odd things we did I honestly can't remember. I think the thing that set the shows apart were that no one else was doing it. Even the touring bands that came through didn't have the crew or equipment that we had."

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