Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Death Metal/Nu Metal/Sludge Metal

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Line-up (2014):
Anders Colsefni - Vocals
Antonio Alaniz - Guitar/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dave Baker - Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Greg Stravers - Drums

Classic line-up:
Anders Colsefni - Lead Vocals
Jerry 'Jas' Spargur - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Tim Flor - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Jeremy Easley - Bass
Chad Valasek - Drums/Backing Vocals

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'Painface - Demo 1'
'Fleshcraft' CD (2000)
'On A Pale Horse' EP (2000)
'Skullcrusher' EP (CD/Digital) (2014)
'Mortality' (4-volume box set) (Cancelled)

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Jas Spargur was the founding member of the original Painface.

Painface 2011 is a reinstatement of the power and energy that drove fans to frenzy during shows 10 years ago. New musicians/songwriters, new music, new drive, and 10 more years of experience bring together a truly bonecrushing metal experience. Painface is a scream from the working-class.

On 11 July 2015, Anders announced via Painface's Facebook page that he was officially retiring from music. At the time he was the only remaining, and indeed only original, member of the band. Therefore, the band would dissolve also.

One of the last songs the band were working on before splitting up for good, was called 'Hellgrammite'.

On 25 November 2015, the song 'Hellgrammite' was published to the band's YouTube channel. Antonio 'Taco' Alaniz wrote in the video's description: "Through the years Anders has tried to expand upon his vocal toolkit and add more and more singing to his amazing vocal style. In 2014 Anders and myself began work on Hellgrammite. Completely different from all the other painface songs it add more melody than you would typically expect, and at the same time has enough power to sound like.... well, painface. In my opinion the lyrical content of this song is some of his best and shows how Anders has grown as a poet and pushes the listener to want to listen. To often in modern heavy music the lyrics are a necessary evil in order to get to the break down: this is not the case with hellgrammite. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving I am going to release this song as a Thanks to Anders for all his Hard work and being an amazing person that Cornbread, Hintz, Hatterman, Stravers, Stubs, and myself (TACO!) call a friend."

Author's note: Painface has found itself as being a hard band to classify. Over the years it has been labelled everything from death metal, to nu metal, to groove metal, to hardcore. I, personally, like to call it 'tribal metal'.

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