Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Nick Wentland - Vocals/Bass/Keyboards
D.J. Cline - Guitars
K.C. Kelly - Drums

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12-song Demo

Some songs:
The Cold

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Sometimes stylized as '_Proteus_' (with underscores).

The three of them grew up in a small town in Iowa. Their love for extremely heavy music and a hatred for pussy-assed commercial music fuels their aggressiveness and experimentation of new sounds and styles.

K.C. Kelly later played drums in the band Patient Zero.

Nicholas Wentland on his time in Proteus: "The Proteus/TZO songs were during some of my most fertile years of writing and I have only bits and pieces of it."

Nicholas on live shows: "The band never played out live as Proteus. For our jam sessions, I had many of my keyboard parts programmed so that I could trigger them while playing bass, or I simply played them at the same time like Geddy Lee. I was a huge Geddy Lee fan lol."

Nicholas on the band name: "The underscores were because there were other bands called Proteus. We were just separating ourselves."

Nicholas on the relation of TZO to Proteus: "At the end of the Proteus days, we let DJ go and I took up all writing duties including guitar. KC and I changed the name of the band to The Zaeox Oracle, or TZO for short. We took some of the music we liked from Proteus and carried it on, and then added new material. TZO had an interesting run, it was during that time I actually met Erik Long, as he played guitar for us for a while. Later, of course, he and I played in Facecage together for years."

Nicholas on the demo: "I don't know that the demo ever had a proper name, but I am guessing timeline would have been 1997 or 1998, around that time."

Nicholas on a song: "Another interesting thing to note, the song 'The Cold' was actually a song written and performed by my very first real band, Oktober. The song's original name was Oktober, and it was written by me, David Crabbs (now of the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra) and Kris Kersten, the drummer. I secured permission from Kris and David to use it, and carried it around with me for a couple bands."

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