Jerome, Arizona, USA.

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Alternative Rock/Post-Industrial/Trip Hop/Experimental/Ambient

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Maynard James Keenan and a revolving door of talented people.

Most recent touring line-up:
Maynard James Keenan - Vocals
Carina Round - Vocals/Guitar/Banjitar/Tambourine
Mat Mitchell - Lead Guitar
Mahsa Zargaran - Keyboards/Samples/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Paul Barker - Bass
Jeff Friedl - Drums/Samples

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'Don't Shoot The Messenger' (EP) (2007)
'"V" Is For Vagina' (studio album) (2007)
'"V" Is For Viagra - The Remixes' (remix album) (2008)
'"D" Is For Dubby - The Lustmord Dub Mixes' (remix album) (2008)
'"C" Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE)' (EP) (2009)
'Sound Into Blood Into Wine' (remix album) (2010)
'Conditions Of My Parole' (studio album) (2011)
'Donkey Punch The Night' (EP) (2013)
'All Re-Mixed Up' (remix album) (2013)
'Puscifer's 8-Ball Bail Bonds - The Berger Barns Live in Phoenix' (live album) (2013)
'What Is...' (live album) (2013)
'Money Shot' (studio album) (2015)

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Booty Bass from Jerome, Arizona. Life is too short NOT to create something with every breath we draw. Puscifer celebrates this creative process. We embrace all mediums. Music, film, cuisine, winemaking, useless stuff made in china by slaves who beat baby seals, and very specific forms of martial arts that are completely ineffective but appear mysterious and edgy.

On the '"V" Is For Viagra - The Remixes' (2008) release, Joey Jordison is credited as remixer on track 6, 'Drunk With Power (Hungover And Hostile In Hannover Mix)'. It was also thought that Joey appeared as drummer on the track, but it's actually been confirmed by Matt Sepanic (a close friend of Joey's) that it is in fact Shaun Riekena (Prisms & Portals, Taciturn), who is Joey's brother-in-law.

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