Des Moines / Perry, Iowa, USA.

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Ben Christopher - Vocals/Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar
Ben Tessman - Bass
K.C. Kelly - Drums/Percussion/Samples

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Some songs:
Die Alone
Might Equals Right

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Sometimes stylized as 'Pat1ent Zero' or 'PAT1ENT ZERO'.

Formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Ben Christopher, PAT1ENT ZERO has been busy developing their unique sound and vision, while working on a number of projects in Central IA.

After numerous line-up changes, 'The Z' found itself in the form of what can only be called a true POWER trio featuring the aforementioned Christopher on guitars and vocals, Ben Tessman taking on the role of bass monster, and power house drumming provided by local favorite K.C. 'The King' Kelly.

Ben Christopher on his involvement with Slipknot members: "I met Donnie Steele in early 2002 maybe January or February. I joined Killpact shortly thereafter. We did 2 demos in my time with the band. During the 2nd of which I'd met and become friends with Mick Thomson. I used his Marshall 8100 on the 2nd demo and he came to the studio while we were tracking guitars. At some point Mick and I stayed talking about doing a crazy guitar record. Slipknot was on hiatus at the time. Corey and Joey were out with their own bands. It seemed like a great idea. I left Killpact to pursue working with Mick. Although I'd written a couple of Killpact's songs and helped to drive the band's performances intesity up, my involvement with the band was omitted from their history. I spent the next couple of years working with Mick. Nothing came to be musically, since Slipknot had begun to regroup for the Subliminal Verses. Sometime after the completion of Vol. 3 and the subsequent tour, I felt it was time to move on. I left Des Moines, regrouped and formed the first incarnation of Pat1ent Zero."

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