Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Glam Punk/Horror Punk

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Later line-up (2002):
Dizzy Draztic (a.k.a. 'Dizzy Reject') - Vocals
Joey Jordison (a.k.a. 'Joey Cocaine') - Guitar
Tripp Eisen - Guitar
Wednesday - Bass
Katie Scabs - Drums

Earlier line-up (1998):
Dizzy Draztik - Vocals
Joey Jordison - Guitar
Katie Hatred - Guitar
Staci Chemikill - Bass
Strange - Drums

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'Love Songs For People Who Hate' (2012)
01. Makes Me Hate
02. The Radio Song
03. Suffocate
04. She'z Gonna Go
05. Bastard Avenue
06. I Hate...
07. Punk On Junk
08. You Suck
09. Alice Is Dead
10. Mommy'z In Rehab
11. Let'z Fuck
12. I Used To Be In Love (Changed My Mind)
13. Put Out Or Get Out
14. Jokes On You
15. Nobody Special
16. Shut Up And Fuck
17. Love Junk (I Don't Want Your)

'Strung Out, Pissed Off And Ready To Die' (2014)
01. People Hate Me
02. Everybody's Everything
03. Refuse To Rot
04. She's My Slut
05. Crash Crash
06. Either Way I'm Fucked
07. Everything About You Sucks (Except For Your Drugs)
08. You Suck
09. I Feel In Love With A Zombie
10. Makes Me Hate

'All American Bastards... Scars, Stars, Lines And Lies' (2014)
01. Kiss My Fist
02. Die When U Die
03. I Take Drugz
04. Let'z Fuck
05. Mommy'z In Rehab
06. Punk On Junk
07. Luv Song
08. Mommy'z In Rehab (Live)
09. She'z An Actress (Live)

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Former members include: Katie Hatred (Guitar), Staci Chemikill (Bass), Racci Shay a.k.a. 'Sketchy' (Drums) and Strange (Drums).

'Staci Chemikill' was in fact Paul Gray's stage name and 'Katie Hatred' was Corey Taylor's.

Wednesday 13 joined the band in September 2000.

One source listed Nadja Peulen (of Coal Chamber) as ex-The Rejects. Singer Dizzy has confirmed that she was 'considered' but that's as far as it went.

The albums 'Love Songs For People Who Hate' and 'Strung Out, Pissed Off and Ready To Die' were released through Demon Doll Records in 2012 and 2014, respectively, after over a decade of these songs being unreleased.

The 'All American Bastards... Scars, Stars, Lines And Lies' release is a compilation of outtakes and demos from the band's history that Dizzy put together, of stuff that wasn't released on Demon Doll Records.

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The Rejects Full Set, Angle 1 (Paul Gray and Joey Jordison of Slipknot), 2-13-98
Rejects 2-13-98 (Angle 2)