Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Thrash Metal

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Third line-up (1990):
Jason Rupe - Vocals
Bob Tyler - Guitars
Beth Thyken - Bass
Darren Stout - Drums

Second line-up (1988-89):
Hans Lillegard - Vocals
Bob Tyler - Guitars
Beth Thyken - Bass
Darren Stout - Drums

First line-up (1987):
Stephanie Harris - Vocals
Bob Tyler - Guitars
Beth Thyken - Bass
Darren Stout - Drums

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'Chapter 1, Verse 1' (Demo) (1988)

'Scary Noises' (Demo) (1989)
01. Circle Of Iron
02. Mad Bomber
03. Touch Of Doom
04. War Monger

'Half Past Dead' (Demo) (1990)
01. Deep Freeze
02. Pariah
03. Of Everlasting Sorrow
04. Mother Earth

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Ritual Of Agony formed in 1987.

Flesh And Blood (aka Bobby Tyler's Dream) was a band that was later called Ritual Of Agony and were a staple of the Des Moines punk and metal scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

F&B went through a number of changes over the years, they were together from '87 to '92 or '93. At first they had a slow St. Vitus sound with a stage show of sorts with fire crackers and signs then moved on to a speed metal sound later on. They were a mainstay of the scene in the late 80s opening for most of the nationals that came through the area in 87 and 88 including The Vandals and Agent Orange. There are two demos, one with the 2nd line-up under the name of Flesh And Blood and then one with the 3rd and final line-up after the name change to Ritual Of Agony.

David Wilkins on the band: "In a lot of ways they are the unrewarded heroes of bridging the DIY hardcore punk scene of the 1980s and the early Des Moines metal scene of the late 80s. The original line up was Stephanie Clarke (Kindred Spirits), Bob Tyler (COTC, Kindred Spirits, Discipline Problem), Beth Tycan (Pent-Up Aggression, A Child's Trust in God) and Darren Stout (Welfare Skate, A Child's Trust in God, Hunger Pains). All of them were extremely involved in the DMHC scene."

David Wilkins on the vocalists: "First it was Steph then she moved to SF. Next was the king of the Cookie Monster vocal style Hans. No one is really sure where Hans went. There have been a number of reported sightings over the years but nothing confirmed. I want to say Jason joined in 89 or 90. I saw that line up once in Ames."

Bob Tyler says: "Ritual played several shows with Atomic Opera, though they were mainly a cover band at that point (Metallica, etc). In fact, the live concert footage of ROA on YouTube is from a show we played with them. The singer for AO and I are still friends and play together in an outlaw country band on rare occasions."

The band's 'Half Past Dead' (1990) demo was recorded at South River Recording Studios, in Indianola, Iowa, during March, 1990.

Beth Thyken is also known as Beth Henderson. On the 1989 'Scary Noises' demo she is credited simply as 'Beth'. On the 1990 'Half Past Dead' demo she is credited as 'Beth Thyken'.

Author's note: Ritual Of Agony have a sound that's highly reminiscent of Atomic Opera and Modifidious, along with elements very similar to that of Broken and early Stone Sour.

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Ritual of Agony
Ritual of Agony - Deep Freeze