Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal

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Later line-up:
Corey Taylor - Vocals
Josh Rand - Guitar
Shawn Economaki - Bass
Danny Spain - Drums

First line-up:
Corey Taylor - Vocals
Josh Rand - Guitar/Bass
Drum Machine - Drums

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'Click Here To Exit' (2000)
01. Omega
02. Get Inside
03. Kill Everybody
04. Ending Beginning
05. The Wicked
06. Idle Hands
07. Talk
08. Road Hog
09. Dead Weight
10. Bother
11. All I Know
12. Silent Type
13. Death Dance Of The Frog Fish

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SuperEgo was a rendition of Stone Sour after they got together again (around 2000) after a break.

The project was also called 'Closure' and 'Project X' at different times.

The album 'Click Here To Exit' is otherwise known as 'Click Here To Enter' or 'Click Here To Enter/Exit'. This album is highly experimental in nature, with alternative rock and metal tracks along with acoustic, spoken word and a comedy cover.

The song 'Dead Weight' is also sometimes stylized as 'Dead/Weight'. This is because the track actually consists of two parts... 'Dead' became 'Rules Of Evidence' on Stone Sour's self-titled album... and 'Weight' features many Des Moines' vocalists and key figures including Corey Taylor, Anders Colsefni (ex-Slipknot/ex-Painface), Aaron Peltz (ex-Painface manager/ex-On A Pale Horse/ex-downthesun), Dizzy Draztik (ex-The Rejects/ex-Bomb Pop Mafia), Shawn Crahan (Slipknot), Gage Crahan (Shawn's son), Jim Corigliano (ex-Heroic Dose), Satone Stevens (Shawn's old drum tech/ex-downthesun), Sean McMahon (ex-Slipknot producer). This song is in fact the only recording that both current- and ex-Slipknot vocalists Corey Taylor and Anders Colsefni appear on together.

The last song on the album, 'Death Dance Of The Frog Fish', is a cover of 'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!', a 1966 novelty record by New Yorker Jerry Samuels, recorded under the name Napoleon XIV.

One show was played as SuperEgo at House Of Bricks in Des Moines, on December 7th 2001.

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