Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Alternative Rock

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Stella Katsoudas - Vocals
Peter Bisinov - Guitar/Drums/Programming
Grey Parker - Bass/Guitar/Programming

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'Drown Me In You' EP (1996)
'Soularium' (1998)
'Dirty Little Secret' (2001) (released under 'Stella Soleil')
'Haunted' EP (2010)
'Eskimo' (2011)

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Sister Soleil is an eclectic alternative rock outfit pioneered by Stella Katsoudas (Dirty Little Rabbits, Whorse). Sister Soleil's first independent release 'Drown Me In You' was released in 1996. With incredible live shows incorporating ballet choreography and a strong visceral stage performance, 'Drown Me In You' sold 20,000 copies and Sister Soleil was signed to Universal Records to release 'Soularium' in 1998 which was recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio and featured collaborations with Peter Gabriel, Corey Taylor and Joseph Arthur. In 2001 Stella released 'Dirty Little Secret' under the moniker Stella Soleil. After selling 350,000 copies, Katsoudas announced a hiatus. In 2007 Stella joined Dirty Little Rabbits which is currently signed to 'The End' Records. In 2010, Stella announced the forthcoming Sister Soleil album 'Eskimo' which was written and recorded with Ed Antone in Omaha, Nebraska. Stella described 'Eskimo' to be similar to both 'Soularium' and 'Drown Me In You' while bringing a new sound that Sister Soleil followers are expected to enjoy.

When Stella got her record deal with Universal, she flew Corey Taylor into Real World Studios to record a song called 'Liar'. When Sister Soleil toured for the Soularium album in the midwest Corey would always come to do the show live with her, ending in a fist fight on the floor, their idea of an antithesis to 'Baby It's Cold Outside'.

In 2001, Stella was transformed into 'Stella Soleil' (Soleil is French for sun) a Pop princess ready to compete with Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera who were all very popular at the time.

Stella later went on to join Shawn Crahan of Slipknot in the side-project 'Dirty Little Rabbits'.

In late 2011 Stella put together a full band line-up, reuniting with original Sister Soleil member and guitarist Grey Parker, and adding new member Peter Bisinov on guitars, drums, and programming.

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