New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

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Thrash Metal/Crossover

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Stiemy - Vocals/Bass
F - Guitars
Chang - Drums

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'Slipknot' (self-titled) EP (1989)
Side A
01. Let It Show
02. Help You Think
03. Condemned
Side B
04. World Leader
05. Hate In Blue
06. No. 9

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Not to be confused with the more modern, nu-metal band of the same name from Des Moines, Iowa.

Slipknot formed in 1980 and were active until 1989.

The band's self-titled EP (1989) was released through Revelation Records, on 7" vinyl, and was limited to 5000 copies.

Slipknot were from New Haven, Connecticut. Stiemy (bass/vocals) was previously the singer in Fatal Vision who appeared on the 'Connecticut Fun' compilation LP (INCAS, 1985). New Haven at the time was the base of operation for Revelation Records. Chang (drums) stopped playing music after Slipknot. In Chang's younger years he torched part of Yale University. 'F' (guitar) went on to play drums in another New Haven hardcore outfit, with Stiemy of Slipknot, called Malachi Krunch. Stiemy later took up art and a career as a chef.

Another track named 'Some Friend' was recorded during the sessions for their self-titled EP, but did not make it to the final product. The track was eventually released on Revelation Records' 15th anniversary compilation 'Revelation 100'.

Author's note: This band has some loose connections to Iowa's Slipknot, aside from the name. The last track on the EP is called 'No. 9', and anyone who's anyone knows that the number '9' is synonymous with Slipknot from Iowa (because they have nine members). There have been instances on the internet, where the band's previously unreleased track 'Some Friend' has been confused with Iowa Slipknot's track 'Some Feel', off the band's demo album 'Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.'

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