Adelaide, Australia.

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Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore

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'The Floating World' (2012)
Sam Bean - Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Matt Wilcock - Guest Solos
Ol Drake - Guest Solos
Leon Macey - Drums

'In The Realm Of The Senseless' (2007)
Sam Bean - Everything
Matt Wilcock - Guest Solos
Ol Drake - Guest Solos

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'In The Realm Of The Senseless' (2007)
01. You Love It
02. Vacation
03. Unprincipled
04. A Big Comedown
05. Crippled Trash
06. You Are Nothing
07. Promise
08. Wreckage
09. Evilicious
10. No Bomb Is Big Enough
11. Happy Ever After
12. Happy Ever After (Unmetal version)

'The Floating World' (2012)
01. Caveat
02. In Our Hearts
03. Amazing Pain
04. Death To Metal
05. Walk
06. Magnificent
07. A Good Old-Fashioned Head-Kicking
08. White Flag
09. Far From Over
10. Let Me Sleep
11. The Floating World

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The Senseless is described as Strapping Young Lad sharing happy pills with Morbid Angel, and giving the stale, listless, limp-dicked metal scene ten thousand middle fingers at 300bpm, heavy mental, the best death, beautiful punk-assed extreme music that isn't for extreme people.

The Senseless is the ongoing solo work of ex-Berzerker member Sam Bean. The songs on the debut release IN THE REALM OF THE SENSELESS were the product of ten years of writing, and were first demoed during 2004. The debut was released May 21st 2007 on the birthday of Sada Abe - the insane Japanese woman who the arthouse movie 'In The Realm Of The Senses' was based on - and was recorded at Nashville Studios in Melbourne, Australia with Luke 'The Berzerker' Kenny and mastered by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile). All performances were by Sam Bean with additional guest performances provided by Ol Drake (Evile) and Matt Wilcock (Akercocke). The album was reviewed by all major metal media throughout the UK and Europe, and the video for standout track 'Vacation' appeared on Kerrang! TV. The blend of ecstatic melodies and lyrical content with extreme tempos and brutal riffs (opening track 'You Love It' clocks in at over 300bpm) earned the music the title of 'Happy Metal' and 'Heavy Mental'. Sam hooked up with Mithras drummer and producer Leon Macey in 2008 and started work on the follow-up album THE FLOATING WORLD at Dreaming Studios in Rugby, UK. Sam's relentless perfectionism pushed the album back into 2010, then 2011, with the lyrics and vocals alone taking a year to write and practice. The band and Anticulture parted ways, and The Senseless are now free and easy agents. THE FLOATING WORLD is an independent release available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Bandcamp, and on CD with bonus track 'One More Time' available from The new material is a mix of the most extreme death metal and the happiest mainstream, with a dollop of punch-you-in-the-face punk. There's crowd chanting, blasting, singing, screaming, handclaps, Evile's Ol Drake and ex-Berzerker/Akercocke member Matt Wilcock trading off solos in the track 'Far From Over', melody, fury, and quotes taken from the B-52's, Tom Robbins, Hunter S. Thompson, and everyone inbetween. This is for everyone wanting something different to the usual grind.

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The Senseless 2008 Rehearsal