Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Later line-up (2003):
Frank Burke - Vocals
Ant Burke - Guitar
Mike Lang - Guitar
Andrew C. - Bass
Tommy Burke - Drums

Original line-up (2001-2002):
Frankie Burke - Vocals
Mike Lang - Guitar
Anthony 'Ant' Burke - Guitar
Ryan Beitz - Bass
Tommy 'T-Bone' Burke - Drums

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'Slurpee' EP (2001)
01. Enemy
02. Other Side
03. Away
04. Different
05. Other Side (Live At Metro/Chicago 6/23/01)

'Snake' EP (2002)
01. Lost
02. Get Up
03. Come + Go
04. The Same

'Slitheryn' (self-titled) (2003)
01. Lost
02. Get Up
03. Come + Go
04. The Same
05. Enemy
06. Other Side
07. Away
08. Different
09. Other Side (Live @ Metro/ Chicago 23.06.01)

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In 2000 they were the youngest touring metal band in the world!

Slitheryn formed in 2000, at the ages 11-13, by 2001 the name Slitheryn was a buzz around the industry, Corey Taylor from Slipknot heard Slitheryn on Napster and invited them to Des Moines to record the Snake Record, which then landed a Japan record deal with Bad News Records and a Japan tour to follow in 2002. After a return to the U.S., Slitheryn was now a National touring act, opening for some big names in the Metal genre. Spring of 2003 they land another record deal in France with M10 Records, and a European tour to follow with UK band Kill 2 This and French band Dagoba. Returning to the U.S. once again to then go out with Superjoint Ritual, Dope, 40 Below Summer, Kittie, Anthrax, Zeke, Evanescence. Still on the road with a steady tour schedule in 2004, Slitheryn called it quits and played their last show in Reading, PA at a club called the Silo, and on the way back to Chicago cancelled a booked show they never played with Hatebreed in Detroit.

On December 28, 2002, posted: "Chicago quintet SLITHERYN, whose debut four-track EP was produced by SLIPKNOT's Corey Taylor, will enter the studio next month with DOPE frontman Edsel Dope at the helm. SLITHERYN reportedly intend to combine the tracks from the new sessions with the ones from the Taylor-produced EP to make up their debut album, due in the spring."

During 2001, Corey Taylor joined the band during a jam session and performed a cover of Slipknot's 'Eyeless'. The band performed their cover of 'Eyeless' live on at least one occasion, in Japan 2001.

Corey Taylor features in the band's music video for their song 'Lost'.

The 'Snake' EP (2002) was recorded at SR Audio in Des Moines, IA, and has additional vocals by Corey Taylor.

The 'Slitheryn' self-titled album (2003) was recorded at SR Audio in Des Moines, IA. Matt Sepanic was the engineer on tracks 1-4, Corey Taylor was the producer of tracks 1-4, and he also appeared as guest vocalist on those same tracks.

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Corey Taylor, Slipknot, Eyeless with Slitheryn
Slitheryn - "Lost"