Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Steven Dunaway - Vocals/Guitars
Harlan 'Harpo' Dunaway - Bass
Celestino 'Sal' Ramirez - Drums/Samples

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Demo (2015)
01. Into Me
02. Upgrade
03. Through Greys

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Slyde at its core, consists of Steven Dunaway and Celestino 'Sal' Ramirez.

The band sometimes performs as a 2-piece, with no bass player. When this happens, Sal plays bass riffs off an effects drum pad that is part of his kit.

When the band play as a 3-piece, Steven's brother Harlan 'Harpo' Dunaway (As For You) plays bass guitar.

Slyde is now being managed by Sid Wilson's manager who picked the band up during Fall 2014. The manager has been in talks with the PR lady that represented Slipknot over in Europe and she agreed to represent them as well once they finish their album (due out August 2015).

Tim Sirianni Jr. (ABSOLUTE POWER) sometimes appears live with the band, performing backing vocals for the chorus on the song, 'End Of Rope'.

Author's note: Slyde is one of the most curious bands in the Des Moines music scene. Don't be fooled for a minute to think that they don't 'put out' because they're largely just a 2-piece band. Steven's clean, powerful and often hard-hitting vocals are backed up by his smooth guitar hooks, which are perfectly complemented by Sal's relentless percussive abilities. Sal can often be seen playing so hard and animated, that sticks fly out of his hands and bits of the drum kit come apart, occasionally resulting in personal injury. This, coupled with the fact that he performs all sound samples and even plays bass guitar riffs from his electronic drum effects pads, makes for an awesome sight and sound. Not wanting to make comparisons, but his frenetic and 'all over the kit' playing style is reminiscent of none other than the legendary Joey Jordison's during Slipknot's earlier years. This band truly has to be seen to be believed.

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Beyond the Stage - Slyde
Guitar Center Drum Off 2014 - Sal Ramirez
SLYDE performing ECHOES at Krazies Kafe!