Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Alternative/Indie Rock

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Steve Robinson - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jay Roskam - Bass
Steve Beye - Drums

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'Heavy Thing' (under the name Rob Foundation) (2002)
'Hello From The Up-Down Room' (2007)

Some songs:
Be A Star
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Porcelain Skin
Slipped Through
Sugar (Don't Mean Quite So Much)
Waiting For Nothing
You Will Be, I Will Be

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Sometimes the name is shortened to 'S.R.T.F.'.

Steve Robinson & The Foundation came into existence in the spring of 2000 as a recording project called Rob Foundation. Steve released the album on his own and it received critical praises from such magazines as TapeOp The Creative Recording Magazine. Rob Foundation was put on hold so that Steve could record and tour with the Roadrunner Records band To My Surprise. Now, Steve Robinson & The Foundation have released their self titled album on Midnight Gypsy Records.

The music is eclectic enough it inspires comparisons to legendary musicians. Their live show has been characterized as Lenny Kravitz fronting a band with Bill Ward (drums, Black Sabbath) and Phill Lesh (bass, Grateful Dead) with enough emotion pouring off the stage to cleanse any audience of all its day's trials. The audience is never let down after witnessing a performance by the band. They will leave the show knowing they've seen true professionals in action.

Established in 2001, S.R.T.F. blend rock, blues, soul, and experimental sounds together never forgetting the audience is there to witness their music along with a commanding stage show. As a solo acoustic performer or with a full band this charismatic locomotive led by a voice that is part primal scream and soulful swagger captivates audiences and takes them on a ride.

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Stevan Robinson - Official