Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Todd Riekena - Guitars
Shaun Riekena - Drums/Electronics

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'Secret Messages in Impermanence' (2007)
01. [cnnct] [ctrl] [trnsnd]
02. Out Of The Gray Constant
03. Passagen
04. Malevolent
05. Aphelion
06. Parallel Divide
07. Wanderer
08. Through The Cusp

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A powerfully dynamic, progressive instrumental duo that combines heavy, melodic, atmospheric and driving guitars with rhythmically complex drums, layered with electronic drum sampling and experimentations in atmospheric noise.

Taciturn was formed in 2000 by brothers Todd and Shaun Riekena. Through that time they have created a unique style of dynamic, instrumental, ambient rock that draws the listener into a dark aural world of surging sound waves and haunting melodies and rhythm. In those past years the duo have created their first demo, released a single on Dustin Latimer's skate video, 'Quality', have played many well-received live performances and have released their first full-length album, 'Secret Messages In Impermanence', in which the duo recorded and produced the album entirely by themselves. In the middle of 2007, Taciturn welcomed bassist, Nick Borror, into the mix, adding a new dimension to their unique and vibrant sound and live performances. 'Secret Messages In Impermanence' is a dark, emotionally charged album, with tension-escalating dynamics and soaring waves of haunting guitar melodies, cycles of arppegiated patterns, intricate drum rhythms blended with natural, acoustic drums and textural, electronic samples.

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