Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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Punk/Punk Rock

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Final line-up:
David 'DaVo' Wilkins - Vocals
John 'Little John' Aagard - Guitars
Paul Gray - Guitars
Brian DuBay - Bass
John 'Big John' ? - Drums

Later line-up:
David 'DaVo' Wilkins - Vocals
Joey Jordison (Slipknot) - Guitars
Paul Gray (Slipknot) - Guitars
Brian DuBay - Bass
Greg Welts (ex-Slipknot) - Drums

Original line-up:
David 'DaVo' Wilkins - Vocals
Paul Gray (Slipknot) - Guitars
Brian DuBay - Bass
Greg Welts (ex-Slipknot) - Drums

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'Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness' (1996 Demo)
01. Destroy Madame Wong's
02. Bury The Rage
03. Decay
04. Reaction
05. Forget Yesterday
06. Character Assassins
07. Chicken Hawk / Dancing On Graves
08. Johnny Hit & Run Pauline

Unreleased songs:
Alcoholic Rebounds
NLNF (meaning 'No Life No Future')
The Trial

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Sometimes wrongly presented as 'The Havenots' (one word).

Southern California influenced punk rock from Des Moines featuring Paul and Joey from Slipknot.

The Have Nots were formed by David 'DaVo' Wilkins and Paul Gray in the Spring of 1996 and were a staple of Safari and the Des Moines music scene.

Greg Welts had been part of the OC scene for a number of years in the early 80s and had played with Mad Parade, Organized Crime, claimed to have played a few gigs with CH3 and to have the final cut trying out for Agent Orange.

A number of members came and went during the early, pre-The Have Nots years, including Brian Seamann (drums), Dave Gitman (guitar), Jay Burmett (guitar), Pat Douglas (guitar), Trevor Powell (bass).

The short version of the story is that the band was formed with a number of different members from '91 to '96. The original line-up was Paul (guitar), Brian (bass), Greg (drums) and DaVo (vocals). Shortly after, Joey came in as a second guitarist. The band recorded the Demo about a week before their first show at Safari opening for Mercy Rule and Going To Grandmas.

The 1996 Demo (later named 'Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness') was recorded at Junior's Motel in Otho, Iowa. The band did it all live and almost all in one take. There are only a few dubs or second takes and everyone played their part except on 'Johnny Hit And Run Pauline'... which has Greg singing the first two verses and chorus; DaVo singing the last verse and the chorus; Paul on guitar; Brain on bass; and Joey on drums. Joey, Paul and DaVo would go back a few weeks later and with the engineer, mix the tape. DaVo paid for everything and ordered the first lot of 100. There was only 200 ever made and a majority of them were either sold or given away at shows.

After Joey and Greg left, the band began to search for replacements and had found two. On guitar they brought in a local punk kid by the name of John Aagard and on drums was a transplant from Boston named, of all things, John. To keep them apart, guitarist John, because he was 16, became 'Little John' (a name that stuck) and drummer John became 'Big John' or 'One Footed John' (he liked to play with his high hat shoe off). Big John sounded great in a basement with no PA but had a completely different drumming style from Greg and it struck as odd that he would take off his high hat shoe. Anyway, the band got a last minute gig opening and they debated as to whether Big John was ready. They decided 'no' and Joey agreed to drum for them. The day of the show Big John threw a fit and it almost came to blows between him and Paul. So they told him to play but if he blew it he was out. He agreed and played the worst show the band ever did. They gave Brian the responsibility of firing him with the "You found him, you get rid of him." Policy. It's thought that Brian didn't ever tell him anything and he didn't even know he was out of the band until he showed up at the next show. However the other John stuck and was a member of the band till they called it quits. Joey played drums at the next show and it was by far the best show the band ever did.

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