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20 December 2015

One valuable lesson that I've learnt over this past year, is to never overlook any band in Iowa, simply because they're not from Des Moines, not hard rock/metal, don't have a cool name, etc. Even as relatively underground as the big hitters are in Iowa, there's still an underground scene below even that. I'm talking about the bands that play the small clubs, bars and basements. I've discovered some truly awesome bands that I wouldn't have given the time of day if I hadn't somehow been directed towards them. Around one year ago I started looking again at what Des Moines had to offer with the big names in the scene. Today, I find myself looking further out than ever before and discovering the true hidden gems in the towns with a population of a hundred people or so. Iowa... my one true love that will outlive us all.

18 December 2015

Nobody likes getting bombarded with invites to 'Like' pages on Facebook, but so far it's a utility that I haven't really used myself. I may start using it, actually, as that is one sure-fire way of making people aware of whatever band, musician or other page I'm trying to promote. Even people in Iowa don't always know what's right under their noses, and because of my involvement I sometimes may get to see stuff outside of your normal circles.

11 December 2015

Well... there it is... 500 friends. Thank you all, I'm very grateful and deeply humbled. My fucking post reach is now shot to pieces, but there you go!

11 December 2015

*stands up* My name is Gary Wright and I'm addicted to Iowa.

26 October 2015

Did I mention that The Eye In Iowa now has 200 Likes?

A new band or musician is featured every Friday!

Thanks for the continued support!

26 October 2015

The latest updates to THE NAMELESS PROJECT have been done!

I didn't leave it quite so long this time to get round to the updates.

I've added 17 more band/musician pages, meaning that there are now 324 bands/musicians that have their very own pages. Many existing pages have also been updated with new line-ups, recent developments, etc.

As a side-note, I made an updated logo for the site.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed information recently. I'm really, really beginning to feel proud of this monster achievement.

Special thanks once again to David 'DaVo' Wilkins for hosting the website.

18 October 2015

That moment you realize that Iowa is the same width as the UK!

09 October 2015

What the fuck is this shit!?

08 October 2015

Just got done scheduling posts for the rest of October, on my page The Eye In Iowa. I'm trying to post about the more underground bands as well as the better known ones, from all over Iowa and not just Des Moines. The page remains a totally unbiased, no bullshit affair, that aims to showcase the solo artist through to the bands with many members, the guys starting out to the national tourers, the gutter punk to the stadium rock.

Please like, share and support.

08 October 2015

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I didn't bother to go through and 'Like' each one... and as always, deeply humbled by the love and support I've been shown from my people in Iowa. Special acknowledgement to Ben Murphy for the video message and the fact it was our birthdays on the same day!

07 October 2015

My YouTube channel for music now has 150 videos!

07 October 2015

The thing about songs released as singles, if done right, is that they need to perform two functions. 1) Make sense in their own right, and 2) Make sense in context as part of a whole album.

27 September 2015

Well, after busting some ass the last few days, I finally got on top of my website updates. It's exactly six weeks since I last updated it online.

And I've done it! I've broken the 300 mark! I've added 32 new band pages bringing the total number of bands/musicians to have their very own pages to 307!

This time it's been a long, hard road. But, I've done it.

A huge thanks to everyone who I've bugged for information recently. As always, if it wasn't for you guys, this project wouldn't be happening.

24 September 2015

I just thought I'd post an update about my recent lack of updates. Most of you probably haven't even noticed, but I obviously know if I'm slacking or not. And I'll fucking admit it.

I've been finding it very hard to concentrate these last couple of weeks. I don't know why. I think I'm going through a bit of a rough patch. I've always got a lot on my mind, and when certain external factors change, it sometimes affects me negatively. Some days I've just had to get out of the house and leave everything for a while.

Anyway, updates to my website, THE NAMELESS PROJECT, are taking longer than expected. I will have added another two dozen bands by the time I'm done, and the total number of bands/musicians with their very own pages is fast approaching 300. There's also a load of existing pages that have had info added and updated. The latest updates to my website will come in due course, but edits will have taken me a matter of weeks this time, off-and-on, rather than the normal few days.

Recently, I've also had an interview conducted with me, which I'm sure will be released in good time... and I'm also starting to write my third album review. Midwest Mayhem, the website that I write the reviews for, has also requested a list of Iowan bands that I primarily support so that they can add them to their promotions list. I'll not name the bands, but if I've had heavy involvement with you or any of your band members, you can be sure you're on that list.

I've also been discovering a bunch of new music lately, keeping me somewhat occupied out of my normal functioning zone, and am, as always, trying to support financially as well as morally, by buying up as much music as reasonably possible. All Des Moines/Iowan bands, of course... some past, some present.

There's a lot going on in Des Moines/Iowa right now, and trying to keep up with any number of 'secret' projects (looking to see if they've publicly announced yet), line-up changes and material releases... there's a lot for me going on behind the scenes.

It's also made me realize that in the long-term, I simply cannot keep up the pace that I have been. These past few months have been a hell of a rollercoaster, and I've kinda been testing all the waters to see what I can do and what I enjoy. Some of the finer elements of what I do will likely be dropped, but the foundations of what I do will remain.

19 September 2015

I was listening to Submerged (Des Moines hardcore) earlier and a vehicle went past with the letters 'HXC' in the license plate. No shit. Fucking hardcore or what?

14 September 2015

Something scary just happened. I went on a retail website I've never been on before, and it automatically suggested my nearest store is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. That actually did give me the shivers.

06 September 2015

Just looked at my phone clock and it was 11:11. Time for Atomic Opera much?

01 September 2015

So it's now September 2015. That means that Slipknot has officially been formed 20 years.

17 August 2015

I've come to the conclusion that the post reach on my Facebook pages is getting pretty bad... which is making me question the future effectiveness of promotion-related content. This is one downside of having a lot of friends, and friends who also post a lot, at that. You think you'll have a bigger audience with more people in your friends list, but you end up fighting for post popularity.

16 August 2015

The latest major updates to THE NAMELESS PROJECT have been done.

Another 24 bands/project pages have now been added bringing the total up to 275 bands/projects with their own pages! Numerous existing band pages have also been updated.

For the geeks amongst you, the entire website now consists of 417 files, 9 folders and is just 19.9Mb in size! The website is purely hand-written, utilizing my custom slant on the HTML 4.01 Transitional markup language. My interpretation of the language includes stripped-down, common sense, logical, non-bloated coding practices and presentation.

It's also totally portable, with all internal links being 'relative' as opposed to 'absolute', so that it can easily be re-hosted/transported/distributed/etc.

Don't forget to checkout the article, interview and album review that I recently added in the 'interim' update... found in the ARCHIVES section.

Thanks to those of you who have recently contributed info, and indeed anyone who has ever contributed info. Thanks again to David DaVo Wilkins for the hosting. Without you all, this project would not have been possible!

11 August 2015

I feel like I need to get something off my chest, but don't quite know how without sounding like a whiny little bitch. Ever since certain people announced that they'd like me to go to Iowa, it's all that's been on my mind. Then there's those who have hinted at me moving there. In black-and-white terms, I could stay where I am, comfortable with the surroundings but constantly struggling domestically and socially... or I could say 'fuck it' and move to Iowa, where I'd be uncomfortable with the environment (at first) but almost 'fit in' right way... with the biggest support network of my life. You see, I'm not sure that I'd be content with just visiting. I mean, how the fuck could I ever return to England and carry on with a 'normal' life? All I know is, this is fucking with my head. I've been given an opportunity to at least be taken care of for a trip, but even that, for a townie in rural England is still a hell of a lot to take in. I've only ever been as far as London, once, and with Iowa being so far away it's just such a daunting prospect. I really wish I was more confident and stronger right now.

For the fairly lengthy response I got in comments, see the link below.

Gary Wright - I feel like I need to get something off my chest...

06 August 2015

Well I'm pleased to say that my website, THE NAMELESS PROJECT, is coming up on the first page of Google search results when, some of the more obscure band names at least, are searched for followed by the word 'Iowa'. It's vital to put Iowa after a band name to narrow the search down in case there's another band or something popular with the same name. The high search engine ranking is also helped by me adding the names of all the bands concerned, on the website, even if I don't have any info on them. It was a strategic move as well as an effort to be complete. See, I'm not as dumb as I look. ;)

06 August 2015

Just recently I've seen quite a few musicians post hints about new 'secret' music projects. One thing is clear, and that is it's a good time to be into the Des Moines/Iowan music scene right now. Some good shit's coming, from a lot of respected musicians.

29 July 2015

I have to say, that I feel much more of a human being since I've got back into the music scene. It makes so much difference to one's self-esteem just dealing with 'your kind of people', surrounding yourself with, basically, bad ass motherfuckers. Just recently my creativity has been in overdrive, my enthusiasm has reached new heights and my personal work ethic has become solid. Everything I'm doing, I'm doing off my own back and purely by way of my own motivation. Paid or not, I am actually my own boss, running a 'business', catering to some of the most talented and genuine people on the planet. Even with all that I'm doing, I'll keep pushing the boundaries and keep challenging myself. You guys have shown more than enough already that you appreciate my efforts and that is all I need to keep striving. So I want to say THANK YOU for giving me purpose in life again. It's been an absolute pleasure so far dealing with each and every one of you.

26 July 2015

OK, just a bit of an update on where I am in life. I am currently out of a job so am religiously spending anywhere between about 25-40+ hours per week on my Iowa music commitments. There's a lot of stuff that I do behind the scenes as well you see... I am an absolute perfectionist so I spend hours creating checklists, to-do lists, files and folders for every aspect of my projects. I do this so that I can be as consistent as possible with delivering you guys high-quality results, time after time.

Today I got the draft done on my second album review, and to be honest I had tears in my eyes as I was typing. It's just that I was listening to this awesome album (not telling yet) and I have rediscovered my creative writing abilities which always choke me up as I can't actually believe what I'm writing, it's sometimes so good, considering I've never done any education except mandatory state education until I was 15.

Anyway, once again I am sincerely humbled and proud to be involved with you guys and your bands (y'all know who you are). I've got such an emotional investment in all of this, you'll never know.

16 July 2015

Dem feels... when just about every damned musician in Des Moines sends me invites to shows. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?

02 July 2015

When I got the word IOWA tattooed on my arm, I didn't take the decision lightly. First and foremost, at the time, it was my choice because of its relevance to Slipknot. But I'm one to always doubt myself, and never settle, so once I started getting back into Iowan rock and metal in general, I inadvertently set out to 'earn' that ink on my arm. I in no way take the word IOWA in vain, and have hopefully since proven to you guys that I am least partially worthy of adorning the name of your incredible state. I owe a lot to you guys, and I will remain humble before you.

24 June 2015

I cannot catch a break... I just glanced at my phone clock and it said 5:15 AM. Fucking 515? Fuck off!

23 June 2015

Am I seriously the only person in the world who started off as a Slipknot fan and ended up using that as a vehicle into the Des Moines music scene? It's hard to believe sometimes, that I am the only person in the world, with my own unique set of circumstances, doing what I do.

18 June 2015

I really don't listen to many 'big name' or major label bands anymore. What with all this good underground shit in Des Moines, and Iowa in general, who needs to?

And that's a rhetorical question by the way.

09 June 2015

If Los Angeles is the City of Angels, then Des Moines is the City of Gods.

05 June 2015

I hate the term 'heavy metal'. When people ask me what music I like, I always just say 'metal'... and because they've only ever heard of 'heavy metal' they reply with asking just that. I then say, "Well... it's heavy and it's metal... but it's not heavy metal." which really confuses them. But in my eyes, 'heavy metal' is like Iron Maiden and those old classics. You see, I'm using the term as a description for modern bands and not as a genre, which truly only belongs to the older bands.

30 May 2015

Who knew that there is in fact a Russian pop/rock/synth band called 'IOWA'? Not only that, but it's also said to get its name from Slipknot's album of the same name?

09 May 2015

I had previously watched the documentary 'Beyond The Stage' with Murder Earth, as produced by Dangerous Music Inc. This was really cool as it gave me a chance to see three guys casually talking who I had seen the names of in bands for years... Rick Stuber, Ryan Thornton and Tim Flor. Not to mention two new guys to me, Ben Murphy and Jared Albertson.

So today I've now spent an hour and a half watching the 'Beyond The Stage' documentaries for As For You, Nest Of Snakes and Slyde. Again, it was good to see the names I am familiar with, such as Harold Waits and Harpo Dunaway talking, and also the new guys as far as my awareness goes. I hadn't previously heard any material by any of these three bands so I didn't know what to expect but enjoyed them all.

However, the band that really stuck out for me was Slyde. I had no idea what to expect when I saw just two guys, brooding and building up to the first song... and then when they started playing it all just clicked for me. I was really, really impressed with the sound of this band. Steven Dunaway absolutely nailed the singing... it was clear, powerful and with emotion. And as for Celestino 'Sal' Ramirez, he's got to be one of the sickest drummers I've seen since Joey Jordison. Just pure, raw energy and aggression... loud, solid, drumming that really gave a powerful and dynamic edge to a band that shouldn't sound half as big due to the fact they only have two members.

I feel very proud to know that such grassroots, pure, innovative rock and metal has come out of a place that many feared would be a one-trick pony... it has come to the point where I'm not even going to say what band I'm talking about. I feel totally humbled, and even though I've found so many bands from Des Moines and Iowa in general, am left feeling that I still have so much more yet to discover, for up until now, these have been bands that I have very wrongly overlooked.

28 April 2015

Well it's now nearly the end of April 2015 and I feel as though I should say a few words in relation to what I've been doing these last few months. Basically, during December 2014 I got back into the Des Moines/Iowan metal scene after some time off. I kind of jumped in head-first and really started to rekindle my interest, reconnected with old friends and contacts from there and along the way made a load of new friends and contacts. I've been like a sponge these last few months, listening to any and all punk/rock/metal from Iowa that I could get my hands on. I've discovered some great new bands and have finally checked out some that have been active for quite a while but surfaced whilst I was out of the scene. I've really been using a lot of my free time on all this stuff. For some of you, it's what you would have expected from me knowing me from up to around 10 years ago. And for the rest of you, I'm sure it's been a bit of a shock and awe situation, having some guy from the other side of the world appearing out of apparently nowhere and promoting and supporting your bands. It's good to be back, and this time it's different. I've got myself in such a position that it's now a part of my life again, a part of my routine, and I've spent time, effort, money and pain to remind myself on a daily basis where my priorities need to be (in relation to my 'IOWA' word tattoo).

I've never really had a good family life, and have never really had many friends. One thing I always wished for was to have a buddy that I always hung out with, like you see in those American movies. The ones where you live in each other's houses, are together everyday and are totally at ease with each other. I feel like I have found that with the awesome people in Iowa. I'm now in such a position where I am actually getting friend requests from total strangers in Des Moines and Iowa in general. This means so much to me and I hope that people can finally see what I am trying to achieve and the work that I have put in. It is indeed partly due to my inadequacies that I have found myself almost relying on the music from Iowa to keep me going, and it's partly down to my imperfections that I strive to be all I can and give back to the very people who make this music. In many ways I am not 'normal' but this has only been a strength for me. It has been a bit of an emotional journey for me, and I really appreciate you guys accepting me and allowing me to flourish in order to try and make your bands known further afield.

I will finish by saying that I am not in this for money. I am in this as it has become a primal desire and need to do this. I have an insatiable quest for information and knowledge (as evidenced by my website, 'THE NAMELESS PROJECT') and feel the need to actively promote and support such bands and events (through my Facebook page, 'The Eye In Iowa').

I hope that this may have clarified who I am to some people, especially those who have only known me for a short while.