Why you might want to contact me...

Seen a mistake that needs correcting?

Want me to add a band or some info?

Do you want to submit a song for the sampler?

Have you got an idea for a logo you want me to help you with?

Would you like me to try and edit your audio track?

These are just some of the reasons that you may wish to get in touch with me.

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Ways to contact me...

E-MAIL: Send me an e-mail... Yahoo! (Primary) / GMail (Secondary) / Facebook (Will go in my messages)

FACEBOOK: Send me a message... Facebook (Personal) / Facebook (The Eye In Iowa)

SKYPE: Send me a message... my Skype Name is gary.wright6466

TWITTER: Send me a message... Twitter (@TheEyeInIowa)

YOUTUBE: Send me a message... YouTube (Dark Ages)