Apart from this website and all related assets being a service in itself, I would like to offer you further opportunities for me to help you. I can do...


Basic audio creation and editing.
Such as amplification, trimming, splitting, stitching, mixing, file conversion, quality conversion, etc.

Portfolio - Band (remasters): Modifidious 'Drown' (Demo) (1993) (YouTube rip)
Modifidious 'Submitting To Detriment' (Demo) (1993) (YouTube rip)
Modifidious 'Sprawl' (Compilation) (1994) (MP3 Download)
Slipknot 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat' (Album) (1996) (MP3 Download)
The Have Nots 'Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness' (Demo) (1996) (MP3 Download)

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Basic image creation and editing.
Such as text logos, image manipulation, cropping, resizing, file conversion, animated GIF images, etc.

Portfolio - Band (logos): Albino Spiders, Among The Living, Art Of Sympathy, Asphalt Sunday, Audio Curve, Calous, Deadfront, Destrophy, Digga DJ, DJ Phase Two, Dum Fux, Murder Earth, Pain Of Evolution, Pipe Bomb, Redline, Screams In Midwinter, Slyde, Sound Proof Coalition, The Creepy Kids, The Miami Vice Sound Crack, Through Hard Times, Toxic Vomit, Trazadone, Twisted Sick, Vice Grip Throttle, Wolves Amongst Men, World Under. Entity (logos): (515) Management, Midwest Movement. People (manipulated images): Anders Colsefni, Bruce Swink. Band (memes): Apathy Syndrome, Slipknot. People (memes): Ben Murphy, Joey Jordison, Mick Thomson, Paul Gray, Steve Pundzak.

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Basic video creation and editing.
Such as trimming, merging, file conversion, down-scaling, video-to-audio, etc.

Portfolio - Band (music videos): Black Friday Duality (Slipknot).

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All kinds of work.
Such as setting up all social media profiles, website build help, content management, etc.

Portfolio - Websites: THE NAMELESS PROJECT (this website). Social Media: The Eye In Iowa (Facebook). Video Platforms: Dark Ages (YouTube).